Light came on during dark cycle... HELP!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by blairsie420, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm a first time grower, I have 4 plants which have been flowering for about 7 weeks... they are close to being ready but still waiting for more amber trichomes.

    Last night I was adjusting the curtain I have which keeps them in total darkness at night, well the damn thing fell and made the timer I had on the counter drop on the ground, and for some reason the timer tripped out and the light came on!! I unplugged it right away but I'd say the plants got about 3-4 seconds of light on them.

    So now I'm stressin they could turn hermie :(

    I'm using a t5 high output 8 lamp fixture. I noticed even though I unplugged right away the bulbs were still partially lit up for a few minutes (as fluorescents do)... so my question is... do you guys think this will cause my plants to turn hermie?? How soon after they are exposed to light can you tell if this happens? I didn't see any balls on them this morning but maybe that's too soon?

    Please let me know... if there's any chance they are going to change sex I should probably cut them early. I hate to because they still need another week or so... :confused:
  2. Don't worry. A few seconds of light should be fine. The chances of your plants going hermie over one little light leak for 3 seconds i would say is extremely improbable. Just continue to grow your chronic as normal :smoke:. Hermies are usually caused by light leaks (constant light leaks over a long period of time) not a light being turned on and off for 3 seconds unless it happened a lot.
  3. *breathes a HUGE sigh of relief* Thank you SO much for your response!!! That is awesome to hear. :D Time for a celebratory bong hit :bongin:
  4. You will be fine.
  5. You should be fine. However if it's that late into flower, and you do get a hermie, just tweez out the banana's. Aren't hermie's supposed to be a little stronger?

  6. No worries bro. U should be just fine. just dont let it happen for an extensive period of time or dont let it happen frequently either.

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