Light burnt VERY young seedling??

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    Hey so basically i planted a seed and it started growing. I put it under my light and well its doing good. it grew a tiny bit and the cotyledons opened. Well one of the very first cotyledons is like a brown color at the base and it gets green going up. Its still sticking absolutely straight up.

    there's new growth coming out of it.
    I thought maybe it was too close to the light or something so I moved them down a bit.
    will my seedling recover?
  2. I actually dont think its light burn. I think the seed shell was just messing with it or something. I know those leaves die once the other leaves sprout and get enough sun. So maybe since the leaves are already growing the plants just killing the round leaves off already?

    The first true leaves are no bigger than like a fingernail. So idek. Possible disease maybe?
  3. hi there ,,,some times you do get marks on the cotyledons ..dont get worrying just yet ,,if the new growth is coming though ok it should be fine ,,, best of luck any how ..mac,
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  4. Pictures next time will help you get feedback from other possible issues

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