Light burn? To many lumens?

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  1. Hello all, about five days ago I moved my plant from a collection of LED bulbs that equalled approximately 550 watts (not sure how many lumens) in a 1.5 X 1.5 box 6 inches from the plant top at 82 degrees 60 humidity in black earth mixed with perlite, peat moss, vermiculite, blood meal, and bone meal to my new 2X2 grow box setup with a 600w HPS bulb (97 000) 20 inches from plant top and dimmable ballast at 84 degrees and 40 humidity. For the fist day i kept the ballast at 75% power, which is 450W as i thought 600w might be to much right away. The leaves drooped the entire day but rose again the next after a good nights sleep. Now the next day i repotted her from a 1 gallon plant pot to a 55L storage container with the same soil mix. I placed a Scrog screen in the box 14 inches from the reflector (18 inches from bulb) and pulled all top nodes through. I then topped every node above the screen (about 12) and pruned lower branches then changed the ballast to 100% (600W). Since that day all leaves have begun to droop in a way that resembles under watering (she has plenty of water) and it's hard to see with yellow lighting but the top leaves in the screen seem burnt. I tried holding my hand for thirty seconds under the light to to test the heat but all seemed fine. I then placed a light meter directly under an open part of the screen where it read more than 2500 and only changed it's reading once i was below 24 inches from the light. I changed the ballast back to 75% where the light meter reading didn't differ much from 100%. It has been about four days since the repotting, pruning, ect. and no change has come to the drooping of the leaves or discolouration. So what I am asking is do I have to many lumens in my small grow box or is the drooping and discoloured leaves due to another factor? Possibly the repotting, pruning and topping all in one day? The strain is White Widow from CropKing Seeds and is 1.5 months old. She is still vegging, I opted not to buy a MH at this time as she will only be vegging for two more weeks. I am feeding with Miracle Grow 12-4-8 every other week. I uploaded best photos i could of the plant (tight space so a little hard to get a good angle) and a photo of the bulb i have. Any help is appreciated.[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Hps is burning them way way to close for that kind of bulb put the LEDs back or buy a better led LEDs are way better than hps for yeild to watt ratio for actual wattage

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  3. the LED range is much to small she was starting to grow in a circle. good for younger plants though. I haven't the finances to buy new lights until this grow has finished.
  4. buy a tent ,2 x2 space? your going to risk a fire make sure your home when the lights are on
  5. I have an A/C blasting ontop of the box and 2 fans circulating air throughout and out the box so a fire shouldn't be a problem but thank you.
  6. Yr lights way too close

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  7. Lumines don't mean anything to a plant they use par

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  8. Don't have a fan blowing constantly, directly at the plant. The constant wind can rip the moisture from the leaves, even more so at 84 degrees. My flower room is this hot - with 8000 BTU's of AC running... and this exact thing happens. Fans blowing on the plants should be at a gentle speed and oscillating so that there are breaks in the breeze. Blast the fans in the upper part of the tent all you want.

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