Light burn or nutrient problem?

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    ^^^pic here. I keep getting an error when I try and upload the pic, sorry about that

    83-85 temps, same with leaf surface temp. 1000w HPS 24-30 inches from canopy
    Always run my flower ppfd around 1200umol with 1400 ppm co2, up to 1500 umol later in flower. I'm 3 weeks in, never had this issue but I can't figure out anything else that it might be. Running about 600ppm drain to waste in coco with about 15% runoff. pH is at 6.0 off slurry test and ppm is the same as it's going in.

    Leaves are starting to turn lime towards the upper half
    I'm wondering if I should drop the intensity due to light stress. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. i had a similair issue with a 600 hps i raised it 6 inches and fed chelated iron it seemed to help
  3. What size pot are you in? Seems to be a nutrient deficiency if the tops are turning lime green.
  4. Temps are a little high, try bringing it down to 78 when lights are on, 70 when lights are off. Only water till 10 percent runoff might be stripping too much nutes when watering.
  5. 1 gallon pots.
  6. I'd try upping your nutrients slightly and watering to 10 percent runoff, make sure you are using calmag once per week, and adjust your environments temperature slightly lower if you can. If she's turning lime she's just hungry for nutes.
  7. Word thanks man. I started looking through a little more and noticed some leaves that were at the tops of shorter colas, that weren't getting much light, were also turning a lime color at the upper half of their leaves. They were about half the umol of the top of the canopy, so I'm thinking nutrient related. Thanks for all the info guys
  8. No problem man and you could always try raising your light to 30inches I've noticed this helps growth versus when my lights closer to the plants especially since your running HPS which tend to run hotter.
  9. Yeah man I actually just realized like 30 minutes ago that I ran the slurry completely wrong, took my samples from the top which I knew better not to do, and I did it after a feeding as well.

    Redid the slurry with a root sample on a smaller plant in the room, ppm was about 300 so half of what's going in. Considering the rest of the plants are about double this plants size, I'd say it's safe to say I'm underfeeding. Thanks again for the info
  10. if you are in 1 gallons under a 1000 you must have a bunch of plants so try raising the feed on half of them in case it is something else no sense in burning all of them
  11. I got this bag at a bin store for 2 bucks and after reading the label I am tempted to try it my leaves are still more lime green than I would like and I am actually running 1200 watts hps ,( hortilux) 2 600 side by side and tonight I just noticed slight tacoing my ppm runoff was 250 with 800 going in IMG_20221114_002634008.jpg IMG_20221114_002828191.jpg
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  12. Yeah I'm gonna slowly bring it up, prob to 800 for the next 3-5 days and build on that. I have 256 plants in this room. Drip irrigation with 1 rez so it'd be a little tough to split.

    Your plants look good my dude keep it up. Never tried that soil,I just use floraflex coco and Athena nutes
  13. If it's then raise your lights a few inches def light or what stress bubby. Can't wait to hear back on how they are doing
  14. Heat stress*

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