Light burn, nute burn or something else?

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    Hi Guys,

    These is my 3 weeks old laughing buddah.
    Everything seems to be going well, and plant got topped a few days ago.

    It is being grown in DWC with the following:
    * EC - 0.9 ( Canna Aqua + Ionic cal mag + Scilca + Orca liquid )
    * PH - 5.8 - 6.0
    * Ambient temps - 23 - 24*C
    * Water temp - 20-21*C
    * 30l reservoir + 2 large air stones

    * Spider Farmer sf1000 ( LED )
    This is on about 70% at height of approx 16". ( I've now decreased to 60% and increased the height to 18" )

    Can't figure out what's wrong with them - is it the light? is it nute burn? deficiency?

  2. I’m seeing light burn. Have you done any foliar applications lately? Liquids and oils will magnify under your lights and burn leaf tissue easily.
    Lucky for you, it’s just a few leaves. Trim them off and keep moving forward :thumbsup:
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  3. Thank you!
    It's the first time I am growing with the spider farmer LED so still trying to get used to it.
    No foliar applications at all though, but changed the res the other day and might well have splashed a few droplets here and there.

    Appreciate the response, thank you! :thumbsup:
  4. That looks about right. Just a splash, you can see where it collected at the tip of the leaf and magnified it.
  5. I've lowered the intensity and raised the light a little, hopefully this will fix it.
    I've grown with a cheap roleardo LED, 400w HPS and never got a light burn before!

    Live and learn I guess :thumbsup:
  6. Very highly recommend you get a $30 Luxx meter from Amazon. Then you will know for sure. Never guess when you can test and get the answer!
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  7. Are these cheap ones actually any good?
    I must say, I considered getting one, but wasn't sure if they are accurate enough.
  8. Lux meter are ok for HIDS but LED need a PAR meter you can convert roughly by X1.5 but it sis rough
    ideal is hang a 400m/14inches (I prefer 16 inch string)string from the light for best shine!
  9. Hi Guys,

    So I rushed and bought a Lux meter!
    I've made the measurement and currently getting 11500 lux.

    Obviously, I didn't look into it much before buying and now realise that as you say @Vee these are not best suited for LED lights - having said that, a par meter is out of budget anyway.

    Given you mention a rough conversion, what readings should I be aiming for?
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    or try here maybe the same wow @JMcGD we should compare site results ...then tell Bugbee ....Migro Sean!

    ED// I post the above image from my site with an average of 80000 Lu for me thats at 14" with a 600w hps
    I aim for 1000 umols means I aim at 76-80000 lu

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