Light burn and lighting schedule? (pic)

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by KentuckyKush, May 27, 2010.

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    My plant is maybe 2 weeks old and i let it grow too close to the light and now its burned. How do i fix this?


    Also i've tried to cut back on lighting from 24/0 to 18/6 but without a timer i have failed to do it right. First it was 24/0 then to 12/12, next day 19/15, and 12/12 again.

    How much do you think this stressed the plants? Especially the delicate stage they are in now. I've knocked 2 or 3 over and this plant was one of them. Does that mean these plants have a much higher chance of being male? :confused:
  2. Plant abuser! :eek::p

    Dude, you gotta learn to take better care of the girls! :poke:

    The burnt leaves won't recover, you can't fix it, it's scarred ;) what you are looking for is good new growth, this does NOT mean u should remove the burnt leaves, leave 'em :).

    Stop fucking with the lights man! You'll confuse the shit out of it! :p Test your timer on something else until you get it right, do it manually in the meantime.

    It's young still so if u start being nice to it, it may be good to you and sex the way you want. I've got my fingers crossed for u and your plant. :p;):)
  3. OMG free my love your sig had me dyin, so I just had to follow it here...

    Dude $5 for a timer...go get it, set it and forget it...

    If you want to grow do it right. Be careful with them and don't take short cuts. If you cant take care of them indoors still them outside and mother nature will treat them right.
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    ;) Well I'm glad it brought a good grower here cos this guy needs all the help he can get. :laughing::p

    How is the plant today Op? Have u managed to avoid dropping it on it's head today? :p;):smoke: You should name her lucky. :smoking:
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    Go Freedom! 17 smileys in 2 posts! :p

    Just what I was thinking though, hehe.

    Knocked 2 or 3 over? Maybe time to stop with the stoned gardening. :) And knocking them over, burning them, etc. won't increase the chance of them being male. They're already whatever sex they are going to be, regardless of how hard you kicked it. :p

    This thread doesn't have enough smileys in it. :hello::wave::smoking::D;):cool:
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    Haha i try to take care of my babies.:) But like someone else said i need to stop with the stoned gardening. It makes me clumsy as shit. I think its that and the fact that it's a stealth grow and im all paranoid trying to do things secret squirrel style.

    I don't think ill name her lucky :D;) , instead i'll name her hope, because i'm hoping she will make it through this tragedy. It makes me sad because she was one of the best out of the bunch, and now even my little runt has passed her up in terms of growth.

    Maybe i have a black thumb or something. Ive managed to kill 2 or 3 in my past 2 grows. I hope this one wont go along with them.

    What do you guys think?


    This is her today. Think she will be okay?

    Haha and the fact you put my op as your sig relates to my life away from the keyboard. I say some dumb shit sometimes when i'm trying to be serious. I guess being serious doesn't work most of the time with someone as goofy as i am. Whatever though! Life's better that way!!:smoking::smoking::smoking:
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    Haha glad everyone can laugh at my retarted questions. thanks guys ;)

    Yeah i know. I saw a timer at wal mart the other day and it was like 4.50. I almost bought it but my bum mentality kicked in and saved me because i would've gone over on my checking account.

    I'm broke as a damn joke right now and i'm still waiting on this paycheck from my workplace. Which is ironically called weedman.

    On an unrelated note, i have a connect up there and today he had some purp $20 a g. The shit looked fresh,dense, light green with a tiny bit of purple, but it smelled like minty fresh cut grass with a hint of skunk. Have you guys come across this smell before? I have, and it got me high but gave me the WORST headache.i found out later supposedly it wasn't cured right and was harvested too early. Do you guys think this would be the case with this purp?

  8. Yeah your right, i'm going to be more careful now and will make sure not to smoke before handling them.

    The whole thing with the predetermined sex, Is that just a theory or is it straight fact? Because i see people saying that it has to do with the conditions its grown in.

    Just another nature vs nurture debate IMO.

    I've even seen someones sig and it said "the secret is to put a stethoscope to the seed and listen, if it clicks its female if it thumps its male." So i went out and bought a nice stethoscope and did exactly that, i felt like such a jackass because it didnt work. Probably the whole reason that guy said it, what a dick. :mad: (sorry if it was a mod, u know im jk i love u)

    Oh, and I totally agree, posts always need more smileys. It just paints a better picture. Sometimes it tells a story beyond words.
    :mad::mad::mad: :smoking: :smoking: :hippie: :metal: :metal: :metal::D

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