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Light Bulb Vaporizer vs Water Bottle Bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by katiloki, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. What works better and gets you highest? a water bottle bong or light bulb vaporizer???????
  2. wellllll if you use the vaporizer right then yes the vaporizer will get you higher.
  3. lol. a light bulb vaporizer? unless you're smoking meth, i wouldn't bother with such a device.

    water bottle bong isn't a good idea either.

    just... uh.. figure some other shit out man.
  4. Ive done both. Id just go with water bottle. Vape isnt as mch fun and takes alot of time to make. Plus u nees to make sure u clean it out right and make sure theres no glass.
  5. they both suck, make a gravity bong haha. i'd say the water bottle bong though, if it's not a piece of shit. I've never seen a good light bulb vape, out of all the ones i've seen and tried.
  6. I tried the mini vape but it didn't work :p go with a gb man
  7. Get a job and purchase legitimate paraphernalia imo

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