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Light bulb vaporizer: is it healthy?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bugsbunny, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. #1 bugsbunny, Aug 31, 2008
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    I heard vaporizing is one of the healthiest way to get high of weed. I also heard that light bulb vaporizers are bad for you, cause theres chemicals inside them or some shit...

    So, is a light bulb vaporizer okay to smoke out of?

    Oh ya, and is there an age limit to buy pipes and other smoking utensils from a headshop? (Not an online one)

    The age limit thing is for younger friends, they always want me getting them stuff.
  2. If you have to ask about an age limit, you're probably too young to be here.
  3. ^ya but w/e. you gotta be 18.
    as for the is the healthiest way to "smoke". although you arent smoking.

    imo, light bulb vapes are the worst idea in the world. they simply, in my many times trying, never worked. they take like 3 minutes of CONSTANT flame to start to vape. and i know how to use one...ive tried from the flame right on the bulb to inches away. but alot of people like them, so idk..
    if you wanna good vape, you gotta buy one.
  4. Well, if you clean out the inside of the bulb well enough, you'll be left with just glass, so that's perfectly safe to smoke out of. You should read some of the guides on how to make them.

    Of course, it'll still suck compared to any other vaporizer. Your best bet for a cheap vaporizer is either a VaporGenie pipe or a VaporStar vaporizing bowl (can also be used in bongs). The VaporGenie can be ordered direct. The VaporStar can be ordered direct too, but they're out of stock right now. You'll have to use Google for one that had 'em since I can't link to competing headshops.
  5. before i was old enough to buy pieces, that was the first smoking device i ever made. It was simple, unique, and got me and a lot of my friends SUPER FUCKING BAKED. as long as you use plenty of salt and clean out the bulb super well, you should be ok.

    It was a fun piece, downside, you look like a crackhead.

    I haven't made another lightbulb vape since then, but the times i had with them were the best.

    if you do make one, i suggest using a candle or jet lighter instead of a bic. because you'll just end up burning your thumb or getting soot all over the bulb.
  6. i tried using a candle. it was like a scented one though, idk if it matters. but it took even longer with a candle...and i got soot all over the bulb with a candle too (if i remember correctly). could be wrong though.
  7. Candles don't burn as hot. Definitely use a torch lighter. The flame is hotter and more even than a candle or a Bic. Get one with multiple jets if you can. I've seen some with three jets that would heat a much larger surface area than the normal single jet torch lighters.

  8. yea, the candles i used were just unscented wax ones, and i never had too bad of soot problems with it. Jet lighter is probably the best option.
  9. I just had a quick question, does it matter what watt the light bulb is. Cause I was reading somewhere else that if it's below 75 watts the glass isn't as thick and might shatter. Just wondering if that mattered or if you've had any expierence with anything shattering.
  10. corrected. :)

    They are safe, as long you wash it thoroughly with salt.
  11. I have been using the lightbulb vape, but i know that a couple of times i have messed up. I guess I'll throw up some comments, and you guys can check my facts.

    When I vape, i do not want the flame on the glass, but hovered over it for a couple of cm. (that way i don't burn the plant, because that defeats the whole purpose)

    You know when you have cashed when the taste turns into a burnt popcorn flavor.
    Also, the plant turns into a more defined brown.

    You are wanting a clearer smoke.

    I also have a question, Can you vape a resin ball, and get the full desired effects that you would get from smoking it.
  12. lol... i just had to post on this since, i smoked my first dime out of a glass bulb vap.

    first time i smoked was with an apple though :)

    the bulb worked fine, i found the video on youtube and my friend made it.. he did a good job.

    i never got sick (what ever that mean to ya)

    but yeah... to tell you the truth, the bulb sucks, it really does, you will sit there trying to think of the best way to burn it for a long ass time.... its fun, but after you get a good pipe (or even a good vape) you will laugh at your old self and the stupid things you did to get high.

    oh and as far a soot.... (it wipes off with a napkin, so its no big deal at all.........:eek:) lol
  13. You just shot your self in the foot tbh , it's so obvious that you aren't 18 or above...
  14. so your younger friends know that you can buy them stuff , but you dont know if you can buy? :rolleyes:

    just be sure to clean the bulb
  15. when i was a sophomore in college i lived with an ra so i made a light bulb vape out of necessity. It worked pretty well, but as someone said earlier you gotta make sure you dont hold the flame to closely to the bulb or the bud will ignite, which would defeat the whole purpose. When i made mine some salt cleared the bulb right out. Ill try to look for pics (dunno if i ever took any)
  16. i know a lot of people use a bic pen or some other plastic tube with the bulb. how hot does it get inside? will some shitty toxins be released in it?
  17. i think they're pretty gay, but if you're gonna make one get one thats clear, not one with white shit on the inside of the bulb

  18. if your buying it for your friends, than why does it matter if its illegel to buy them ....
  19. Yes they're okay as long as you really clean them out. Ive made many of these and they work great. I recommend getting the lightbulds that are clear without that white powder in it. There will still be glass dust in there from taking it apart so use salt first then soap and water several times and you'll be alright.
  20. This behavior is sketched out to say the least. Avoiding the law is some kind of cartoonish behavior just to get high. MacGuyver would know what he's doing but the average person, idk.

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