Light Bulb Vape Question

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Sexyback, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. When using a lightbulb vape?
    How can u tell when you've heated it up enough?
    Cuz when i do it i get a cloud of white air inside it. Idk if thats smoke or vapor.
  2. same thing with mine i guess I never thought about I just smoke it till the ganja turns black
  3. Yah thats what you inhale, but i wouldnt recomend it. Those little things explode some times when you light em wrong.

  4. What do you mean light it wrong?
  5. with the flame all over it? i think your supposed to keep the flame as far away as possible but still heating it enough to vape the herb. iuno i dont smoke lightbulb vapes id just buy a quality one or smoke my 5$ pipe. or bong..
  6. When you keep the flame on one point of the glass for a certain point is wrong. If you insist on your light bulb vape i would suggest circle motion lighting just like your smoking crack hahaha im against smoking crack
  7. i found it easier to use a candle to heat the light bulb so you have a free hand, keep the light bulb about an inch and a half maybe two inches from the flame, the ground up bud should be over the flame, let it sit there for like 6 seconds and you should see light vapor coming off the bud, do this for a little taking drags as you see fit, mix up the weed by shaking the bulb and conintue tell the its all black :) hope this helps
  8. Well i have 2 pipes but i like to use the vape because there isn't as much smell.

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