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light bulb vap

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smile4u, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. hey i saw a vid about making a lightbulb vap i know that vaps are the healthiest way to get high besides edibles but is a lightbulb vap safe? furthermore how effective are vaps?
  2. Vaps are the most effective of getting high, but the prices are high. Ive never used a light bulb vap, but ive heard them
  3. I made one but their not all that great...
  4. Yeah same here, i made one and it seams like everytime i get high, the highs are much to clear headed, and they can be really safe if you clean them out properly, use search for guides...
    OR if you don't wanna make it look like you're a meth head, checkout this $20 eaglebill that is official and safe
    Eagle Bill Vaporizer Pipe
  5. I didn't like it. Get a real vape.
  6. i made one a while ago. it was ok, but i felt like i could never get as high as I did from just smoking bowls. it was more clear-headed, but it seemed to not last as long as if I had smoked bowls. it also definitely has a learning-curve to getting the hang of it... you might be accidentally burning the bud and not knowing it.

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