light bleaching problem?

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  1. I am week 1 of flower and using my usual setup 600 watt hps on superlumen setting at about 14 inches from the tops the only thing i changed was the bulbs these new bulbs are supposed to have more red spectrum from what i just watched on youtube from that DR. guy the plant scientist too much red can cause bleaching question is will the bleached leaves recover its only the top ones? i think i will swap out 1 of the lamps to my old hortilux and see if it is in fact the bulb or something else just wondering how to deal with this issue pictures of upper and lower leaves coming next
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  3. it could also be a toxicity problem or deficiency i just know i need to get it figured out pronto
  4. I changed back to the hortilux lamps and raised them 4 inches these are the plants cherry pie day 3 of flower IMG_20221102_152049612.jpg IMG_20221102_152049612.jpg
  5. If moving your light helps, then there is your culprit. If it continues to get worse, then I would do a slurry test and see what’s going on at your root zone. That leaf could be showing some mild deficiencies in K and/or P, but those are both mobile nutrients and you would generally see the deficiencies show up lower first. Light burn can definitely mimic these and tends to act more like what you have going on. If that’s what it is, it will improve, but some of those leaves may never recover. Fortunately you don’t have flowers yet. Shouldn’t be a huge deal. Let us know if moving and changing the light doesn’t help. Good luck. Hate to see then unhappy. Cheers
  6. my exact thoughts i just got my new ph meter today my old one was off i am sure and i need to make sure my ph coming out is not too high plan on doing all that here in a little bit checking ph ppms etc.
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  7. Slight clawing and tacoing, but looks pretty good. Keep an eye on temps and watch how much nitrogen you give them.
  8. right now its still water only my soil runoff is 2200 ppm and the ph at runoff is 6.5 with 7.2 going in so i need to get them dialed in ph wise

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