Light bleaching or nutrients issuse?

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  1. Currently growing 2 dark devil autos and 1 heavy weight fruit punch auto. I'm currently on week 10 and the buds are starting to swell nicely.

    I'm noticing a lot of yellowing/pale leaves appearing in random spots. Some older leaves some newer leaves. Buds still appear green but the leaves are starting to loose color.

    I'm running a 400 watt hps in a homemade cool tube set up. Temps in the closet don't get over 75*f and I can put my hand on the cool tube and it's cool to the touch. My plants are about 6" away from the light.

    Ph is spot on at 6.5. I was giving them the foxfarm trio but started giving them just water and mollasses since last week since the end is near for them

    I'm reading where a lot of people are able to run a 400 watt hps in a cool tube at the same distance from the plants as I am but are not suffering from light bleaching. So perhaps this could be something different?



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  2. Hey, it's not light bleaching.
    You're plant is reaching the end of its life cycle.
    You need to get a loop so you can inspect the trichomes.
    Harvest isn't far away... So you need to starting thinking about when you're going to flush. [​IMG]
    Something to help you determine what you want in you're meds.

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  3. Thanks for the help. I know I'm close. I planned on getting a loop tonight to check the trichomes.

    This is my first time, and from everything I've read when the plants getting close to harvest the oldest fan leaves should start to die off. If that's the case why would newer leaves be yellowing so much rather then the next oldest growth?


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  4. Your plant is feeding on every thing that's green right now, it's pulling in nitrogen to help the flowering from where ever it needs it. As to why new leaves are going yellow...I'm thinking it's because there closer to the buds, kinda make sense:) just get that loop, and you'll know more after u take a look at the trichomes.
    This is my auto...she just over 3 feet in height.
    Coco grow under CFL.

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