Light bleaching / burnning with LED

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  1. Ok so just wanted to ask some of the led growers on here about light bleaching.

    I do t have pics as yet but i noticed yesterday that some of the pistils on my flowering plant had changed colour. They had either gone orange or darker. The plant is less than 3 weeks in as it stands so i raised tge light straiggt away. I understand its difficult without pics but does anyone know if this is a common sympton of light bleaching/led burn or better yet have any decent pics of examples of bleaching an burning with led
  2. That isnt light bleaching thats just pistils recedeing, youre going to be fine. If it was bleaching it would turn the bud bright white. Youre okay sir, sometimes early brown hairs mean pollonations. Make sure to check for nanners or pods.

    Most times its normal

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  3. Never seen this under my hps so was a bit thrown by it. My main concern lol was moving the light further away . So u think ill be safe to lower it again ? I moved it from 18" to 26"
  4. Never had a hermie in 15 plus years. Had males but never a hermie. If i found one id litteraly shit my pants
  5. Ill give you answers when you finally vote for me here: Testers wanted for Mars Hydro COB

    KIDDING! What light are you using?
    Ive also only experienced this with leds and not my 400w hps system. But ive had amazing yields with led so i stuck to them.

    But light and spektrum does matter.

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  6. Mars 2 1200w
  7. What led is it? I run a quantum board and keep that about 18 inches away and that thing murders all leds out there right now

    You want the light penetration and concentration on the plant as deep as it can get. So lower it imo

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  8. Mars hydro 1200w in a 3x3
  9. I think for higher powered panels like the mars1200 and my platinum p900 they require at least 16-18" of distance. Sometimes more like 20-24". I did have one sativa that could get as close as 14-12" from the p900 and not burn but all my other plants like about 18". The first symptom I notice of the plant being too close to the light is the pistils will start to singe and look a little ragged compared to the tops that are a little lower with pistils sticking straight out. When I see that I either bend the branch so it's a little lower or move the light.

    Lower power leds can get much closer. I have 2 90 watt CLW vegmaster 110's and they can get near 12" from veg plants and most don't seem to care.

    Usually you'll get those upturned serrations or taco leaves before you have bleaching. That's the first sign of a light too close but many times my plants will have those upturned serrations on the uppermost leaves and I'll ignore it because I want to smash them with all the light they can take. I'll walk the edge of a little light stress to keep the majority of the plant in the optimal production light distance.
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  10. Ok so to me i would say the pistils look singed (spelling??) NO curling of leaves or upturned serrations either. Im gonna have a look when the light comes on in 40 mins and take a pic for you to see
  11. I have my plant 12" away from a Mars 600w led with no issues. The plants don't start their life 12" away from the light. He first 2 weeks I keep the lift at about 30" when their seedlings. (I grow autos). When they start showing sex I move them about 24" from the light and I gradually move them closer and closer over the next 2 weeks to get em about 12" from the light and have never had any light bleaching or burning. What I'm getting at is you have to have to light become more intense to the plant gradually over time, no sudden big changes
  12. Its been at the same height all the way since veg its only now that iv moved it up
  13. What was ur distance and what is it Joan
  14. Sorry, now*
  15. I've found that light distance is extremely strain dependent. Some strains especially tropical sativa dominant can tolerate way closer light distances. I can look at the different plants I've grown and how close they were able to get to lights and stay healthy. It can vary 6-8" or more. One strain may like 24" while another can stay healthy at 18".
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  16. It was at 18" its now at 26

    I tried to get a photo unsuccessfully so will just have to keep an eye on it
  17. make sure you are looking at your plants with plain white light. Pistil color as well as plant colors in general can be off with LEDs esp the Blurple lights. I'll be quiet now.

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