light bill question?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by charlie067, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. hey does anyone here know how much 520watts of electricaty from 1 hps and 3 40watt flo's is going to cost a month in canaidian dollers?the hps is on 12/12 everyday and the flo's will be on 18/6 this wouldent be something the electric compant would notice would it?
  2. maybe 12-15$ us
  3. go to they have a cost chart that will tell you how much its gonna run you its gonna depend on how much you pay per kw
  4. I dont think the electric company would notice, but have a reason for the rise in consumption prepared in advance. Something along the lines of-" Oh yeah, my girlfriend has been staying over and she's never out of the shower". Showers use shitloads of juice, washing machines and old fridges do too.

    P.S If Charlie is is a girls name-you could say boyfriend instead, though the washing too much excuse is less credible.
  5. $$$ with the exchange rate.... ahhhhh 20 bucks thats 20 loonies or 10 toonies.... plus or minus 5
  6. i dont think a rise of 20 bone or so is going to be a big enough spike for them to notice anything, much less say anything...


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