Light and room tips for a noob

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  1. Hey gang I'm struggling on lights for my first grow, been reading a lot of threads and other webtips about proper lighting in veg/flower stage!

    I started of by sprouting my seeds outdoor the first two weeks. Whenever it is sunny I put them out to get some light but where I live the weather is a bit fucked up. 2 sunny days in a row tops :(

    I started with 3 then planted 2 more. I got some shitty halogen lights that made my two first and bigger plants stretch a bit (the guy from the eletricity store said they worked for a friend of his).

    So I ordered 3 CFL (2 125w/1 200w) dual spectrum 2700k-6400k with reflectors and and some Diamond Lightite reflective paper online but they will take at least 2 weeks for me to get them delivered.

    Finds out I had some 14-18w CFLs around the house and wanted to know how many of thoose would it take to "feed" and keep theese babies alive until I get the powerfull ones.. (so far I got 2 14w and 2 18w).

    I'm building a wood box, any tips on the size for 5-6 plants to be confortable?
    Space is not a problem, I have a spare room for them.

    Also, what range should they be from the plants to be using the light properly?

    Will this halogen lamp be of any use for the plants? Maybe in the flowering stage? (75w halogen 2600k).

    Sorry for all theese questions and thanks in advance for any one out there willing to help a newbie grower on his first experience trying to get some nice buds for the summer :love-mj2::love-mj:

    Here are some pics!
    20200502_034016.jpg 20200502_034035.jpg 20200502_034027.jpg 20200502_034022.jpg 20200501_225114.jpg 20200501_225110.jpg 20200501_225150.jpg 20200501_225047.jpg
  2. You mean you ordered 3 of these things?
  3. Yup, this ones! Did I make a bad purchase?

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  4. Well it depends on what you consider a "bad purchase" def wanna get your lights closer to ur plants luk
  5. Thanks man! Theese 14-18w cfls don't heat up so much but i have this fanlike thing blowing some fresh on them. The lights are like 12-15cm above (4-5 inches).
  6. My very first grow, I too started out with CFLs...........I HONESTLY don't remember the wattage or their light spectrum........but I KNOW I had those lights like LITERALLY no further away from the plants then like 2 inches.....
  7. I wouldn't worry about using the halogen now you got lots of CFL light. How many watts will you be using in total? looks like more than a 400 hid.
  8. Well when the ones I ordered arrive I will have a 450 boost, I'm trying to get some more 18w ones. 550-600 in total
  9. Did you used CFLs all the way? Did it work fine? Nice amounts of bud?
  10. I used the CFL's for about 85% of the grow.......the last 15% I added a 204 watt from the wall LED......OF COURSE I made mistakes...........I only grew one plant my first time and I got RIGHT AT an oz dried......I was TOTALLY underwatering her the entire time.....LOL
  11. Underwater? I guess its not a big problem for me because I live in a very humid place so they always get some moist

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