Lifting weights question?

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  1. If I lift 20 pound weights and do 3 sets of 20 lifts each day will I gain muscle?

    How long will it take to notice muscle gain?
  2. definitely man but i suggest you try for 4 all depends on your body how much you weigh? height? u fat? horribly skinny?
  3. While high?

  4. working out while high is great,not too stoned breathing isnt as focused when im super baked but a bowl before weights seems to help me out...i feel like i can push myself harder
  5. 20 pounds? Are you kidding me? I do 60 pounds, and I rarely work out.

    But if you are unable to move to 30 pounds, it probably will help.
  6. You should rest each muscle group for about two days in between each workout to promote recovery which promotes muscle growth. And there is a fitness forum where this thread should go where a lot of passionate people will give you their educated opinions on the matter.

    Cheers for taking steps towards improving your physical health.
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    You don't gain muscle/ lose weight by doing reps. Now of course rep ranges make a huge difference, but your muscles don't know if you did 10 reps or 15 reps. They do know when they're tired.

    Muscle is built when your weight lift (tear micro-fibre muscles) and when those tears recover you gain muscle.

    I would suggest you find a weight that you can do 12 reps of, for 3 sets. At the 9th, 10th,11th, 12th rep you should start to or be struggling (which is the best for gaining muscle).

    Reps = amount of times you do the exercise consecutively.
    Sets = the amount of times you do x amount of reps.

    Oh and don't be a tool....don't get a ridiculously heavy weight you can't lift with PROPER FORM!


    Hope that helped :) :smoking:

  8. horribly skinny. 135 pounds
  9. just lifting will not get you anyway. Get on an actual program if you want actual gains. Go on
  10. as long as youre consistent you should see "results" in 2 wont be superman in 2 weeks, but youll notice some changes...muscles will be tighter, maybe not too noticeable to anyone else but you'll know for sure...are you just trying to build upper body?

  11. yeah just upper
  12. Not really going to get in shape just by doing 1 type of excercise. Training multiple muscles would be much more efficient.
  13. k well start running if you can before you hit your'll have more energy for the weights and you wont become awkward looking with a big upper body and tiny lower body...and try mixing in other workouts along with the in between sets do pushups or even squats if youre working with a bar...again it all depends on your body and how you want to transform it...there are so many online guides to different workouts and routines check em out....but the first step is telling yourself exactly how you WANT to look...then build your routine around it
  14. I wouldn't recommend running to a skinny guy. Yeah run maybe 1-2 days out of the week but don't constantly run if your goal is muscle gain.

    With that said, please workout your legs or you will look like an idiot.

    As mentioned above ^visit bodybuilding website.

    You need a plan. Nutrition is just as important and workout routine. Have everything planned out and you'll go far.
  15. 20 pound dumbells , with 20 reps ?

    ull get toned and defined i guess , cause thats pretty much the same workout my girl does
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    You will gain muscle from any amount of reps/weight if you are going until exhaustion and you feel the burn. Focus on technique and making sure you are exercising well before you concern yourself with how much weight you are lifting.

    You should wait a couple days after working out a muscle before doing it again to give time for the muscle to repair. Those repairs are what cause the muscle to increase in mass so do different muscle groups if you are working out back to back days
  17. What does this have to do with apprentice tokers.....
  18. All I do are pushups and I have huge arms, so I'm pretty sure any amount of weights would get you muscles.

  19. If you are looking to put on bulky muscle you need to do more weight less reps. If you want tone/definition you should do more reps less weight. Never sacrifice weight for form, if you dont have proper form you won't gain anything. If you are really looking to gain muscle directly after you work out try to get some protein in your system.

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