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  1. This is a call to all the ones on here that enjoy innovating for greater convenience.
    So here's my little dilemma. When I find myself toking alone it's most often out of my window given that I'm not the only one home. It usually works pretty well except for that my window faces the front of my house and you can never be too careful even at night. Put simply it's sketchy. My solution in the works is sort of a hood-like thing. Basically the hood connects to a tube that routes to a seal that goes under a cracked window. I would need a low powered fan or something to create air flow through the whole thing but not too much to blow all of it out of the hood into the room. Obviously the smoke inhaled would be blown directly into the tube. The tube would also have to be narrow/short enough to clear entirely but long enough for convenience.
    That's just me. Is there anybody else on here who has/had such a thing thought up and produced? Or any ideas for others to build off of?
  2. i have thought of a few things and made a few things for greatering my herb enjoyment. nothing like this though (i'm an artist and very creative thinker, maybe i can help you out)...
    if i get what you're saying right, i would find some sort of flat rectangle type thing that can fit into the space of a cracked window then attach some sort of plastic tube (however long or an adjustable one) then on the other end of the tube put like a little fan blowing through the tube. maybe a section where you could put and replace a few dryer sheets for a sploof type deal.

    idk if that helps. i'm pretty bored and have nothing better to do so i'll sketch something up real quick if you're interested and you can just build it out of w/e you can find. (i get 50% if you start to sell them though) haha :smoke:
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    Wire a computer fan to an AC outlet and you have an instant small fan.
    I've often thought about filling a plastic Gatorade bottle with active carbon and sealing vinyl tubing (3/8 to 1/2 inch diameter) onto the cap. Inside the Gatorade bottle you can wire up a battery powered fan. Lead the vinyl tubing to a cracked window and voila, smell gone.
  4. Thanks for the feedback! Okay you can see what I'm trying to shape up. I would probably go cardboard because it's fairly simple to manipulate. Yeah the integrated sploof is exellence. To knock out the flow issue I could probably funnel it into the tube/long sploof. I'd like to see your visual interpretation if you could?
  5. [​IMG]

    here's a quick sketch i threw together. i think the cardboard would do perfectly fine just for a quick solution.
  6. but yeah, you could use cardboard for the window part (make sure your window doesn't squish it closed though. then maybe a vacuum hose like the notes say (i would recommend something flexible just to make it easier to manipulate). and you could just tape a toilet paper roll sploof the the one end or both and just buy a small cheap fan or if you have one already and use the cardboard again to manipulate around the fan and down into a cone shape to be attached to the tube. and i thought the clip would be a good idea so you can clip it to your head board or desk or w/e
  7. I like where this is going. Yeah I think cardboard would do just fine the windows not going anywhere. The removable almost cartridge like sploof at the mouth is a great way to include it. I guess that would be a little computer fan or something of the like. It could go as a square funnel? That last issue I would want to conquer is the hood which isn't too hard to think up. When I get this successfully built I'll post it up. :D Stay blunted my brothers.
  8. i think if you used cardboard for the funnel as well you could manipulate it for a square fan and just fold and tape it together into a funnel type shape. i don't think a hood would be neccessary. and be kinda hard to hide, b/c isnt this all so you can hide it from the rents? taht's why i added the clip, so you can just clip it next to where your smoking and just keep your piece close to the fan so the smoke taht comes off the piece will get sucked into the fan and then just obviously exhale into the fan aswell
  9. or even make some sort of hood out of cardboard too. idk? def. post a pic when you have it finished. i'd like to see it. also if you have any questions let me know

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