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  1. I need a solid meal breakdown of what I need to eat, to keep the cals on the low...and you know, help me loose weight.

    Here are a couple of things I have decided I needed to do in order to get where I KNOW I can get to body image wise.

    -At least walk every day, for 30 minutes...AT LEAST
    -Workout all parts of my body, lifting wise. Give certain parts a good day break before beggining again.
    -Realize that this weight doesnt go away in a year. It took me more than a year to get where I am at.
    -I can NOT eat fast food. I can, but I really have to start to choose not to. I dont know what I am going to do those mornings after I get wasted and there is no food in the house... :confused:
    -Chips need to be left alone.
    -I WANT to workout every day.

    I used to be on a diet that was called Fatlossidiots. It worked great, I had began to weight little by little by just eating right. The only problem is that the food itself was pretty expensive to buy every week. I live with my Mom, and this is my first year of college.

    It mostly included, cashews, chicaken breast, salads, fruits, 2 seperate days, out of every 11 days, dedicated to vegatables only, and fruits only. The 11th day was a cheat day, you got to eat WHATEVER you wanted, :D.. Umm, lunch meats...whole weat bread. You get the jist.

    I was thinking something like this for my meals,

    Breakfast :

    2 eggs
    Microwave Bacon


    Nature Valley bar


    Sandwhich, with meat and cheese


    Chicken Salad
    With my own creativity inside.

    But idk, I have never brought groceries and I cant have my mom break bank atm, since she needs to take care of another kid my age, (for other reasons) let alone her self.

    So yeah...I have been pretty big the last 19 years of my life...I need this to change, I want this to change.

    Im asking for all the help I can get at this point. I plan on starting to workout tommorow.

    I have a bench press at curl bars at my home. I usually do 4x10 sets on the bench. 4x10 sets of arm curls, inside grip, outside grip. A shoulder workout with 10 pound weights in each hand...10 reps brining arms up to side, 10 reps, arms out straight infront of me, and 10 reps on my bench, sort of doing butterfly workout. with 4 sets included.

    Im beggining to do Body squats...40 reps. Killlls my thighs.

    What do you think GC, I can use all thehelp and motivation I can get. I would like to document my results on this site since I really dont talk about my weight to anybody outside of the forum.

    Let me get an image on your head of what I look like.

    Im 6'2
    My shoulders are about just as broad as my side of my gut.
    I have had big thighs all my life, even once being denied off the front ride of a rollercoaster ride at my ALL TIME favorite theme park because apparently the dude couldnt push down the lap restraint.
    My chest is pretty sexy for my size if I must say, You can barelly tell I have man boobs with a shirt on...

    I can keep writing and writing...thanks to the readers!
  2. go with the jesus diet... moment for laughter... lean lean lean meat,fish
    tons of vegetables. walk to work if you can or better yet bike. go with light
    weights and lots of reps if you want to burn calories, train your core, umm
    need help with other fit blade stoners, give the guy some input!
  3. Seems like you're serious, good job, first step in actually doing shit and being in shape.
    Check this out:
    Beginner's Health and Fitness Guide

    Check out a book called Starting Strength, it teaches you basic compound exercises (as opposed to isolation exercises).

  4. this is the best advice... or cut out meat altogether.
  5. tbh i would stay away from bacon... too much fat.

    I am 6' and used to be 220 pounds. I am still 6' but i weigh 165, the key to losing fat FAST is cardio... After i started toking a few friends got me into ultimate frisbee and during the summer i would get blazed n play some frisbee and the pounds just flew off.

    Eating right is also key and i basically just eat what has a low fat content and a lot of protein. A normal can of tuna for example is 100 calories but only 10 of those cals are from fat. Therefore 10% fat, basically just dont eat anything over 50% fat. Also eat until your not hungry, not until you are full.

    I normally have a bowl of raisin bran when i wake up,
    a bowl of oatmeal (no sugar) and toast (no butter) 4 hours later
    a tuna sandwich with no fat mayo and a can of light soup 4 hours after the oatmeal
    and then for a snack before dinner ill have a buncha carrots and a banana
    for dinner i mix it up, but the key is to have half your plate be filled with veggies and if your having meat it should be about the size of your palm (giant steaks are a nono).

    As for workout programs (if your interested), i just got into P90X about a month ago, i would say about 1 more month before my abs will be visible. This program is hard to say the least but if you got dedication, which you sound like you do, you can do it! If you want you can pay for the program but I just downloaded a P90X torrent and burned it to some dvds =D

    I hope I could help with your ideas on how to get in shape, because 6 months ago i too decided to change my lifestyle and I have never been happier:D
  6. wow thanks everyone, all the advice is appreciated. today i plan to start working out and hopefully get to grocery shopping. also i thought the same thing about bacon, but that diet encouraged it, its odd...but worked.

    today i plan to go walking, and get in my benching, curls, shoulder workout, and hopefully some core.

    any good core workout ideas?
  7. Egg whites only can help too.

    Did anyone see Drew Carey lately? He lost about 75lbs and looks seriously good. His diet is online somewhere.
  8. I do a lot of the same things that i used to do back in football practice.. Updowns, push-ups, Running... Cardio is key! Pullups are also ganna be something that you may want to look into. I really dont want to budget for a gym membership so this works well for me... You feel kinda stupid doing updowns alone but hey it gets the job done and i can eat whatever i feel like so...
  9. no no no dont cut out meat (unless your a vegan-vegetarian) you
    need that protein dude to build your muscles. if you're worried about
    calories then eat fish dude, fish is by far the best protein you can
    take in.
  10. for your core do side bridges which works out your obliques and side muscles
    then do bicycle crunches(<-- burn like a motherfucker) then some reverse
    leg lifts. there are all kinds of core exercizes just incorporate the ones you
  11. Bacon's amazing, I'm not sure I could give it up. Although I don't eat it too regularly...

    Core workouts? Sit ups on a decline bench, planks, side planks, sit ups with a twist, dragon flags (this is pretty advanced, I doubt you or even I could do it), leg raises, and there's a million more. Add squatting to your routine too, it not only works your legs but it uses your core for stabilizing the bar, which can help build your core. Deadlifts work your back, and some other stuff too.
  12. I made some changes to your "healthy" diet
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    wow you put microwave BACON on the list?

    rule 1. don't buy shit you don't need - do NOT buy bad food because it'll set you up for failure because if you have it in your house, sooner or later you WILL eat it. (no skittles, no soda, no chips, no peanut butter, no butter, no snickers, no nada of that shit)
    rule2. run after you workout and not the opposite. you'll be burned out before you even lift (this is if you workout and run in the same day), dont workout on a empty stomach and eat asap after you lift.
    rule3. don't over work nor under work your muscles (stay around 45-1hr of lifting). also do heavy squats. this is the king of lifting. change your routine every 2-3weeks. you want to confuse your muscles. you don't want things to get easier, you want them to get harder:devious:
    rule4. interval run(ex. 2min sprint 1min jog, continue for 30+ min no rest - this burns more cals than just running at a steady pace for 60+min. this also confuses the muscles and you will gain a higher metabolism which means you will continue burn fat even when your not working out)
    rule5. get that fucking bacon out of your house right now RIGHT NOW.
    rule6. if you don't feel sore the day after you worked out, you didn't give 100%
    rule7. if youre going to keep smokin' the ganj, have healthy snacks on deck (no bacon or potatoes chips)
    rule8. work hard and you'll be happy with the results :)

    go to youtube and search Scooby Work outs and watch his diet/nutrition videos. very good.
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    for the OP, what is your weight? can you run?

    why not just stop thinking about it and start doing it? why do you need a guidebook, eat not when your hungry but when you feel fatigued and run as much as you possibly can. Your body will tell you you what you need. Gaining muscle isnt what you want to do when your obese, lose the fat then go for a reasonable plan to gain muscle, you dont need a guide for losing weight, a guide for gaining muscle is useful. dont listen to your mind or your stomach when losing weight.

    if your 6'2" and judging by your post i'd say your about 230-250 and able to jog. just set a time limit, if you dont get down to 195 lbs in 3 months of doing what you are currently doing then what you are doing is wrong. When i say wrong i dont mean bad, just that you are letting your mind get the better of you and not working to potential.

    im very lazy, but when i feel fat i need to lose weight and only exercise then. I was fat up until sophomore summer, not fat really, obese rather, i was like 240ish. i dropped from 240 to 160 in 4 months. Later in HS i was 6'0 and let my weight fluctuate between 160 and 185 over the course of a year when not exercising. Now im not as lazy and 5 years outta HS and dont feel like having 2 sets of clothes (30-32" clothes and 34-35" clothes). when i feel my jeans getting snug i exercise to exhaustion for a month or so to get back to my target weight.

    my guide? drop the weights, cardio is king. Swim everyday (ideally) and run, to exhaustion for both. Use a bike/eliptical machine if you suck at running(or knee/hip/leg problems). Eat in the mornings, swim/run/ then walk in afternoon for as much as you can. then eat again after that, small meals, think like an african and what they eat, dont think like an american. Eat vegetables/fruits in morning with some protein, then eat carbs/protein later. Lose all the weight you can until you are as skinny as you want to be, minus 5lbs from that and make that your target weight, then set a max weight (for me its the tighter fitting jeans, around 173) and make sure to never exceed that.

    keep in mind i was not trying to gain muscle. if you want a guide for that, i suggest when you are skinnier to torrent the P90X program as i have a friend who got amazing results in 90 days using only dumbells, mat, a chair, 1 resistance band, blank dvd's, and his roof for a pull up bar. And using the VERY reasonable food guide that was provided (he actually spent less on food than his normal stuff)

    im going to start the p90x here soon with added running, its time for me to get buff and lose my pasty whiteness for next summer :)

    i wish you much luck, its all mind over matter, do your best to surprise yourself and never get sad with results. If you dont notice anything in 3 weeks then something is wrong. Also, reward yourself with some pot when you feel your body has changed, mark that spot and smoke some more when you feel you've changed again :)

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