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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by idontblazemuch, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. 1. how long does a dime last?
    2. how long does a dub last?
    3. what can i make a bowl out of and how many hits is it good for?
    4. how long will a phillie last in its packing until i roll the blunt?
    5. what else can i smoke out of and how do you make it?

    thanks for answering :)
  2. 1. for me a dime (if i still bought them) lasts a couple hours to a day
    2. dub is a day or 2
    3.You can make it out of an apple. Lots of hits
    4. Check the experation date
    5. You can smoke a joint, a blunt, take a bong hit, puff on a pipe, or even vaporize. Google should tell you how to make things.
  3. 5. Make a Magic Flight Launch Box, look at for the details, badass DIY project
  4. 1. A dime ( 1g in my area ) lasts me 1 joint so... maybe an hour tops
    2. A dub ( im guessing 2gs ) lasts me 2 joints, so two hours top :p
    3. Apple, you dont get as stoned with it though
    4. check the expiration date
    5. Pipe, Blunt, Spliff, Joint, Bong, Gbong. Google that stuff

  5. I only buy higher grade, but
    1. a dime would last me a day, maybe two if I were conservative.
    2. A dub is 3 days or so.
    3. Honestly....I will only smoke out of an apple if my pipe is broken. I do not trust using tape, or plastic, or foil. Get yourself a piece from a headshop, its cheap.
    4. Blunts last for quite a while, but I recommend getting one that is in a foil pack. Usually the more popular flavors arnt stale, but if you get something that is different then I would expect it to be stale when you buy it, unless people smoke a ton of blunts in your area.
    5. Like I said, an apple is best, maybe get rolling papers for joints, or get a cheap piece from a gas station or a headshop. Its not worth getting sick or smoking chemicals just to get high, if you can afford weed, you can afford a pipe.

  6. [ame=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

    this will rock ur world. Make ur weed last alot longer also.

  7. but that would mean cutting down on your weed spending for abit to afford a pipe or the like D: lol

  8. If that is the case then you can afford it. You dont need weed, and its not physically addictive so you wont start having seizures from not smoking it. Give yourself a small break and buy a pipe, you end up saving weed in the long run because the of the efficiency of the piece, and on top of that, you will build up resin, which is smokable for those rainy days when your dry.

    However, if you really want to conserve your weed, get a vaporizer and cut your total consumption in half. And vaped weed is nice for joints:smoke:
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  10. i was trying to make a joke >.<

  11. Ah shit. I'm baked. My bad
  12. 1. Depends on how fast you smoke it.

    2. By definition, twice as long as a dime.

  13. Goddamit, now you tell me this after I finally shelled out the hundred clams for mine :)
  14. hahahaha you tried man, try the next thread :wave:

  15. Except you might be the only one that didn't get it, in which case...yeah :hello:

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