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Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. i just realised! I have a great life!
    i just bum around all day. play games, go in the net, play and listen to music.

    most of the times my mate blow me off but im having enuf fun by myself, getting my new bmx soon to another thing to do! Don't forget the toking :D

    lol bumming around rules!
  2. eh. Ive been doing it for a while now..scrounging around not really doing much of anything..all I wanna do now is go back to school!!!!! I thought Id never say that, but oh, how true.

    I must say my tan looks fuckin sweet.
  3. mmm i would get a job but interviews suck. i'll go to another one once i find out if my last one was sucsesful. coz i cant be assed to do loads

    Edit: if you've heard i'm just a kid by simple plan you'll know how i feel about my freinds,

    "i woke it was 7 waited till 11 just figure out that no1 would call.
    i think i've got alot of freinds but i dont hear from them.
    What's another night alone when your spending everyday on your own"

    thats a sweet song
    but being alone is cool cos most of my freinds anoy me i'm high so i prefer to get stoned alone or with my best mate
  4. I wanna be a professional sloth. I wonder if i could get someone to sponsor me...

  5. ha !..... I bust my ass working 7 days a week... but when i get home its automatic lounge thing except chill...then go out and get's a life cycle.... :D

    an sensi.... i gotta tan that would prob beat urs.... :p
    ( and no it's not a black an tan)

  6. oooooooh thats allright Ill be working on mine while your just working! :p and thanks for reminding me, I do have a few black and tans left... how appropriate! :D
  7. my interview for where i work conisted of " your looking for a job, how old are you, you start wendsday at 4, here wear this shirt and kacki ants or shorts"...ahhh i love it
    usualy we just sit around making pizzas, sweep a little here and there and its so easy, and being a stoner that makes pizzas has its advantages
  8. i cant complain about my life either i sit at work and get to boss people around all day and take my smoke break whenever i want then i get to come home to my girl who always has a joint or something waiting for me so yea i would say life is good. but u gotta sit back and realize this sometimes or u just may forget especially with the amount of weed it sounds like some of us smoke
  9. what's a job:

    a) a means to make money

    b) a means to fullfill yourself and live a fullfilling life

    k' maybe all you teenagers out here might think that the dough is the most important thing. So, I'll flip burgers for a summer, so what!

    But before you know it, your job *is* your life, and you will not want to be flippin' burgers then!
  10. I'm friggin SQUEAKY clean. No THC in me. I need to get a job for sure THIS week so I can smoke again.

  11. your gonna have one hell of a good time then!

    and yeah i know ur job is important thats why i'm going in for my appentiship, witch'll take four long years of 2 weeks in a garage and then 2 at collage staying in some student accomadation witch wont be bad lol

  12. you could try.... the tan i get from the boat is crazy though......i don't burn..... but i sure become the darkest white boy you've ever met.....
    an black n' tans are delish......especially fresh ones or ying ling.... rockin brewha's on the deck ehhh?

  13. Dont they have a contest or pagent for the darkest white boy & girl? we could be king and queen :)
    I think i might rock the deck this friday..Hooters competitions every friday :p sounds like a good time to me!
    today after a few morning cocktails we went out tubing, the fun and games stop, once yea hear a pop. lol its funny now, the pain hasnt really set in yet. illbe diggin into some painkillers soon enough i think..[​IMG]

  14. yeah, we're dicks when we tube... its not to have fun... its to drive as fast as you can and throw the person off....

    its sucks when you barrel roll across the water for about 30 feet then finally end up floating in the water just a mangled heap of person... thats why ya gotta pregame to numb the pain...

  15. oh pregammin is a must lol...
    and the dick, is (aka) the driver LOL
    and the mangled, is just downright FUNNY.

    you know yea gotta have a sence of humor and a few drinks before tubing! :)

  16. im pregaming right now....welll not really... its more like me just sitting here talking to people on line while drinking to some one who will remain nameless....

    but never the less ya can't go wrong with a good pregame may it be for anything... gives ya that lil extra edge ya can always use....

  17. lol,,,pregammin for tomorrow! :D getting ready for tubing? eh?

  18. ugghhhh pregaming for aim convo's then the beach i guess... hell if its there...drink it... no point in a good beer sittin....

  19. doin it doin it doin it well...
    :D lol there yea go! you so OFFF!
  20. Did u hear about that accident a while back...some dad was driving a boat and his kids were tubing on the back..and he accidentally swung them SMACK dab into a dock? OUCH!!!

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