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  1. it's so short if you think about it, almost sad.
    think of all these rich people who are living the life. It sucks having the though of never reaching that level in life. :(
  2. True, but you have to make the best of it. Also it's very possible to reach that level in life, you just have to make it happen.
    EDIT: I like your sig.
  3. Yeah I know, it just sucks, when you think real DEEP about this shit it's so weird. Words cant explain o.o
  4. Yeah I get what your saying,
    Peace :smoke:
  5. Make some shit happen

    be one of those ballers living it up and making money

    make the most out of this shit while you're here
  6. Tryin' man I'm tryin ;)
    I gotta come up with somethin haha, I think I'm a little bit too worried about making a music career for myself.
  7. I know what you mean man. I love imagining what I'd be like to be a millionaire or billionaire haha.
  8. Why be sad you got the chance to live on this earth? The chance to have an ego, to understand and comprehend and think... it's beautiful.

    Imagine all the sperms that weren't conscious, and you were the 1 out of 50,000,000 that got the chance to grow up and experience life.

    Be happy for what you have, because life is beautiful, no matter who you are.
  9. First: Smoke a bowl, man.

    Just do shit you like to do. Go camping in a beautiful forest or fish a favorite river. I love the outdoors personally but there are millions of cool hobbies and sports out there, find one thats perfect for you.
  10. money isn't real, go from there.
    [ame=]How Its Made - The 2 Euro Coin ([/ame]

  11. you can get a lot of real shit in exchange for it :confused_2:
  12. nah, who wants shit?
  13. Why? What the rich do is just as meaningless as what everyone else does.

    To our current knowledge, the universe has been around for almost 14 billion years. What's a couple million dollars saved up and spent over the span of one human life?
  14. It really is crazy when you think about it, often you pass up the thought of death and you don't realize that someday you REALLY ARE going to be a cold dead body, probably in a box 6 ft deep, when you think of it as a guarantee you feel truly hollow. I just have faith in my spiritual experience that there's something beyond what we perceive and our conciseness can transfer over when we kick the bucket. And life... its just another trip, enjoy it to its fullest, because its the only thing we have that we know is guaranteed.
  15. Yeah, but if you can still puff a joint and look yourself in the mirror, it isn't all so bad.

    Just enjoy what you can have, since it's all we can get.
  16. preferrably creamated, or chemically "done away with"
  17. Came in here to say ya it's great but you just made me sader
  18. thats why its my life goal to be a professional poker player
  19. As far as I know, this is the only life I'll be living on this beautiful planet known as mother Earth. I just can't sit back and let it all fly by. Material possessions are the last thing on my mind, although coming home to a badass house every night wouldn't be a bad thing. I'm just trying to get the most out of this short life.. Accumulate the most of everything I can while I'm here, whether it be money, relationships, or just experiences. I'm trying to get it alllll

    fuck im high :smoking:
  20. US Government is working with aliens IMO. Motha fuckers. Money may not be real but whoever said it can't buy happiness is BS !

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