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    sometimes it seems as if life makes sense and has purpose. other times it seems like there is no meaning and is futile. anyones else get that feeling?

    edit: i mean, you wake up and are ready for work and want to accomplish something that day. then i think about what im doing and its like, whats the fucking point? all i do is waste my life working like a dog so i can buy things and just live. but then i go back and forth between, i want to work because i can buyy all these things and have a happy life. but then i go back to; there is no fucking point in trying im just gonna die. yea.
  2. You couldn't have chalked up a better description
  3. If you know life is pointless, what do you plan to do about it for the time being? How do you know you won't find a more meaningful life after this one?

    If you don't plan on offing yourself anytime soon, I'd suggest getting the most you can out of this current experience while there's still time.
  4. :( you made me sad because it's true that"there is no point in it" but I guess you want to enjoy what you have so you live...idk.

    In some cases I really do believe ignorance is bliss
  5. I think everyone gets to a point in their life where theyre just fed up with how things are going. It happens to me quite a lot, I feel depressed and sick and I just want to disappear. But you can always find little things that remind you how good life can be.
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    when i come to the conclusion that life is pointless, i stop talking to people, i get caught up in my thoughts and become more antisocial. i usually just go back to thinking life has meaning again after a few days or weeks, like when i get some kind of ambition. a few days ago for example i was sitting on my bed watching tv baked as shit. it was a wtp poker tounament and i saw some guy about 22 i think win the tournament. and i thought wow, if he can win it i can. then i became obssed with poker( i still am). but after a few weeks i realized, winning is hard as fuck and i most likly wont get anywhere with gambling. but there is always that little glimmer of hope i guess. so really i know my life is pointless and not important, but the possiblity of achiving my goals is what keeps me going and not ending my shit right now. but talking to alot of older adults makes me realize dreams hardly ever come true and you will forever be doomed with a shitty 9-5 and i cant live with that.

    edit:i dont have a bad life or anything. but i dont think people should just be content with what they have if they arent really happy. i dont see the point in looking at the glass half full. but that is a noble truth, everyone is suffering and cant have everything they want. the world is not enough.
  7. sorry im such a downer, i give that vibe off alot haha
  8. It's as pointless as you make it. Define happiness for yourself and you will have your purpose. Happiness is a mindset, and money alone can't buy it.
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    no point? just live your life and do what you love, have as many positive experiences in your life as you can, pursue a passion of yours, a hobby, some kind of creative outlet
    getting upset because there isn't a point seems selfish to me

    really thinking about this and my brain just shuts off, no point? what's the point of worrying about a point? just live ya life dude
  10. lol...perhaps you should turn it around and look outside yourself.....Find an occupation that serves others...make a difference by volunteering if you cant do the occ. thing...

    People get so wrapped up in wonder life has no see nothing but yourself!

    Not blastin you man...just sayin'
  11. This is very true.

    This is also very true.

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