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  1. Today has been one of those days. I've been thinking about life and all kinds of different things. Here are just a few of my thoughts...........

    As I lay here thinking..........
    Just one small step from dreaming.
    I look upon the days gone by
    Swept away by bittersweet nostalgia.
    For now I am a grown adult
    Pondering on which road really leads to absolution.
    Is it the grassy green path........
    That not many travelers are willing to discover?
    Or is it the worn out road.......
    Whose path is clear cut leading to a predictable future?
    What happens if the decision I make is wrong?
    Does that mean I'm destined for failure?
    Or does it mean I'm truly living life to the fullest?
  2. Yeah. But just remember that with the changing tides life can swing it's own way. Decisions aren't always forever and you never stop growing and learning. :)
  3. Yeah it's the growing and learning that makes life so special sometimes. I'm a firm believer that a mistake isn't truly a mistake if you learned something from it. It's only if you keep repeating these mistakes that you have a problem. The only thing that worries me is that sometimes I lose control of my life without even noticing it at the time. It's like it starts spinning out of control and I'm trying to grasp at what's left of my sanity. But on the other hand, alot of productive things have come out of my moments of insanity. LOL. I'm far from a role model but it depresses me that my mother has no respect for how I have chose to live my life. I have my own home, a decent job, and now I have custody of a 7 yr old child. I know you can't live yourself for other people but my mother has sacrificed her whole life for her children. And sometimes I question myself and think maybe I should follow the path of others. But thats just not me!!!!!
  4. everything happens for a reason

    what goes around comes around. just live the life that makes you happy. that makes you smile day to day. love as much as you can, and even on those bad sad days, tell yourself that the quality of the people you love far exceed the quantity.

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