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  1. Today I was asked what I know about life at another message board. I sent this to some of my friends and it made them depressed. So I want your input.


    Life is an occurrence of repeated cycles. Life, growth, death is the most common one.

    There are no exceptions to the most common one. If there is life there will be growth and later death.

    Humans have an awesome ability to think and has proven to be a hazard.

    Human thought is dangerous and is uncontrolled.

    Humans spend much time thinking about life (as have I) and many questions they think of are left unanswered. Many unanswered question are said to be the will of God.

    Human thought has a direct impact on human emotion. Thus making human emotion dangerous.

    Bliss is the most sought out emotion.
    Depression is the most renounced.

    When one is bliss many things may change it to depression.

    When one is depressed little can be done to turn it to bliss.

    Depression is a great hazard because it causes one to think of the situations/actions that caused it. Because of this one gets more depressed and looks for a way out i.e. suicide.
  2. Everyone should just try and be happy, spread good and smile. =)

    What more can you ask.

  3. for one, MY LIFE SUCKS. it always did, and always will. my surroundings are the ones that make my life a living hell. i just wish i can be a happy person, but its just impossible!!!
  4. How old are you?
  5. maybe your life hasn't yet come to its full potential. next year u might win the lotto, marry a girl u havent met yet, die, realise something that changes your life. There's no way to know what will happen and whether it will be benificial or not....keep in mind, not all happy people were born that way
  6. deadhead - I agree with a lot of the stuff you wrote.

    I think your friends probably thought it was depressing because you are their friend and you were expressing how depressing your life is that you would want to resort to the choice of suicide.

    I used to be suicidal and it would always upset my good friends because they thought they weren't good friends if they couldn't make me be happy and not depressed.

    Just my opinion.
  7. i'm 17, turning 18 in april 13th, well anyways, thanks the respond !!! p.s I'M A FEMALE!!!!
  8. If you were younger I would have said its a normal young teen thing to be depressed. And sence your 7 months older than me I don't think I can say that.
  9. Compared to all my peers, i think about life...SHIT LOADS OF TIMES...but then one day, i felt lazy...and did not want to think about it...just live it...and u know what...i really enjoyed the next week or so.
    Life is a concept which i think is too big for the human mind to understand and compreend. and then there is a iferority complex which gets you confused...and then u may be depressed. its better i guess not to question what life is...cuz there is no way that i belive i will ever get the answer to there is always someone who will belive diffrently. just enjoy it while it lasts...
    shit, hope i am making sence

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