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  1. what is the meaning of life. our we the minions of gods like pawns in a chess game or are we secrets of our own divine power. or could we of been grown like weed.

    im thinkin that life is like in MIBII when K opens the door and u can see millions of lockeres filled with different worlds.

    i think we are pawns. we are like peices of scratch paper thrown aside from a 5th grade math student tryn to get a problem right.

    im really high so tell me if it doesnt make sense
  2. i think, we're just incredibly lucky, that once the universes was created and just enugh of everything for life got onto our planet, and it just happned to evolve into us, pure luck.

  3. Yea man, you're right. Us being here is purely by coincidence, or as some would say, luck.

    Some people think it's hard to win the lottery, but they don't realize what chances they have already overcome just to be able to think that.
  4. i don't think it matters how we got here. sure it'd be cool to know.

    but seeing as we're here anbd there's nothing you can do about it (unless you kill yerself) i think the best thing we can do is enjoy ourselves, and try to understand things a little better than the
    people before us.

    to me, there is no other purpose.

    money, fame, poplarity.... none of that shit comes innto it.

  5. ppl who crave those things fear death more than anyone.

    why fear death? chances are u wont know u lived, so yeah, life to have fun and experince what life has to ovffer
  6. not as important to me how we got here (thats already done) ..but where it is taht we are going. if we know where we are going that might just answer how we got her aswell
  7. i think we were put here by concidnece, we should just enjoy what has been put in front of us. we only live for 3/4th of a century and only 2/3rds of that can really be experienced so keep on toking
  8. We are here by accident and we would of been wiped out years ago if we did not have the medical resourses we have now.Think yourself lucky or unlucky it all depends on how you view life.
  9. I don't know why we are here, but the thing i worry about, is getting old. i don't really fear death, its just that once you get old everything is going to suck. :(
  10. i think our universe is a spec of dust on someones leg. and there are billions of specs of dust universes on each and every one of us. and it goes on and on forever. then at the end is a peice of beef jerkey and a mountain dew

  11. i totally agree
  12. It's fun to believe there's a point to our existence, but the only point really known is to live life (survival and such) and to optionally better ourselves.
  13. i wonder what it would be like to get an alien high. would he love it, or would he love it?

    anyway, hasnt it been reported that theres some acknowledgement of water being on jupiter? if so, there's bound to be lifeforms and different things and who knows what could be on that planet, im curious to find out. im high.

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