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  1. Is it a choice....

    is it worth living or are with in a dreamlike prison cell...

    something to keep us occupied or a training program of sorts.

    so many aspect we haven't begun cover it all....we
    cant because each question opens a new series of questions.

    I love life it is an amazing process with everything interconnected and interdependent. So many levels.(some better than others, and some that cant even be labeled as such)
    whats after life?
    Does it end?
    If the after life is supposed to be good and heaven, why dont we hrry up and die?
    are we scared of the unknown or are we attached to living.
    are we even living... the whole process seems to be focused to the ageing and dieing part... and we are so quick to use things that we know will give us cancer... like smoking and fast food, and in moderation no not one of these things will kill you but over time choices accumulate and you never know how u may be recoding DNA.

    Focus on Goodness and love

    all karma is is a misconfiguration in you DNA or actions that dont match with goodness love or compassion.
    its simple it has to do with vibrations..

    like judge not or you'll be judged
    and do one to others as you'd do to yourself.

    some tips... remember it pays way more to be good and the end at least.
    feeding your ego is also something to get away from...thinking your the shit or going after a mate becuase your taking them away from someone(or at least playing that game) or even the opposite..feeding into the self limiting beliefs will also hold you back.

    we are one... hope you take time to read the whole thing.
    lets not argue lets grow son
  2. Good to consider. :) Thanks for sharing.
  3. Well, let me tell you something about karma, and being good and loving.

    I know a guy, hes 32 years old. Hes a good and loving guy, just got married to a bitch with two children from another man. He treats those kids like theyre his own.
    Ive known this guy for a while, hes better than the average man. Has pretty damn high moral standards, and hes a real hard worker.

    Now, a few years ago when he was about 28 he found out he had diabetes. Dude does everything he possibly can to keep his diabetes under control, cutting sodas, candys, sweet foods n shit.

    Recently, hes started bleeding from behind his eyeballs... So he goes to the hospital, and they look at him. They figure out his diabetes is acting up real bad, and hes going blind. Hes my older brothers good friend, and he took him to the hospital today for surgery on his eyes. Dude went BLIND, in 3 days.

    Karma, is complete bullshit, as far as I can tell. All there is chance. Theres multiple outcomes for everything that happens in life. Its just to chance what happens.

    Karma, luck, its all shit son.

    EDIT: I kinda made myself depressed.

  4. We never grasp the whole picture. Knowing is grasping that.

  5. Well sadly, my logic and life experiences speak pretty clearly to me. :(

    I mean really, everything I said there is pretty plausable. Then again, you can feel know something when you dont :(
  6. one must remeber the soul is also working out karma from a past or many past lifes.....

    were doing time son

    we picked out our character and roles and events to best suite areas we didnt much learn about last time....or you picked the right equation so u can figure it all out faster...or slower wich ever you preferred
  7. somethin to thank about for sure. I like to consider myself a soldier of Karma, cuz if fools done me, my fams, or my homies wrong, im commin after ya. If you didnt fuck em over to begin wit, youd be safe. What goes around comes around, and I got more momentum, im commin back harder.
  8. WORD

    Oh yea and how do you know ? All you know is this life bro, nothing else

    Karma is utter bullshit

  9. na man
    dont tell me what i do and do not know

    karma is real in so many different senses...

    you have to first become aware of the cause and effect of this life and from your past reincarnation.
    all there is one life, and its ALL attached. the universe is ONE

    the way to get over it is darma or the eightfold path.

    remember life is not its cracked up to be, death may just be a way of finishing up a reincarnation. and certain events are just ways to help you realize certain things or let go of certain things you didn't last life .

    we are dreaming!

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