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  1. days go by and they are all the same.
    i can't get my hands on any cannibis to make the boring days a little bit more interesting.
    i aslo can't get my hands on anything else that might make it more interesting.
    i am getting extremely tired of the same day going by over and over again.
    and i wonder, should i end it soon ?
    should i really have to go through this ?
    what is the point of life?
    why the fuck are we even made?
    did someone just get bored and decide to make us...

    ah i hate my life as of right now and hope for changes...
  2. Hoping for change is not enough, you gotta CAUSE change.

  3. well you basically just discovered that, wow, life really is meaningless. i just think, well, i never chose to be in this reality, so ill alter reality to my liking :)
  4. indeed my days seem to repeat themselves but i like my days generaly except i also am in a "weed drought" but i still like living my life even though it is meaningless and is going nowhere becuase drugs, girls, and laughing are enough for me to get up in morning and go through my meaningless life. but u just got to find something u like.

  5. he's right you know.
  6. if you cant get your hands on any, spread them out.
    look for the people who look like they can give you some and bingo you'll be doing what i was till i got my new hook-up
  7. the point of life is just that, the point of life (if you understand what i mean, let me explain)

    you were put here for a reason. the point in your life is to find WHY you are here, and then do it! you may be living the same day over and over, but so are all we. you just need to throw in a little spice and find for yourself, what your life is really about. once you know who you are and what you want to be doing, where you want to be will be just where you are...

    hahahah if that made sense to anyone, i give you an A plus in Confusing Adealogy. (the study of adams ideas)
  8. Give me an A+ in Confused Adealogy!

    I totally agree. I was letting life become mundane recently and elementxero posted something that woke my ass right up. I wasn't wanting to go to sleep because my day was going to end just like the day before. I need to have meaningfulness. I need to know that just one thing, no matter or how big or how small, that I did today, made some sort of difference.

    So, you have to make life happen...don't let it just slide by...make it your very own event.

  9. wow! couldnt of said it better myself! i know how that feels, trust me!
  10. I getcha adam. Pretty much you are who you are, whatever that is.
  11. life:

    a sexually transmitted condition that ends with death.

    basically :)

  12. True True!

    It's kinda like the point of life as a conscious sentient being is to create. It's solely up to you what to create. You can create meaninglessness the same way you can create purposefulness. It's all a matter of knowing that you are dumped on this bubble we call earth a steamy cryin' lump o flesh and from the time you "discover" thought your mission is to create a maningful and purposeful world, because in our own perception the world is all that we contend with in what we call daily life.

    Zen does a far more elegant job of illustrating this point. I suggest anyone feeling like life is meaningless read some of the writings of the zen masters.

  13. Im like

  14. dude man, that's deep

    Im like


    but seriously, i don't believe in anykind of higher meaning with life, except keeping life going. that is what life is. constant reproduction and evolution. finding a niche in the universe. sofar we got this little speck of dust in the cosmos, and with a bit of luck we humans will do our part in spreading it further.

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