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  1. So this isnt a meaningful thread or anything Im just bored.
    I moved to WA a week ago. I fought for two years for VA benefits and got them. Got myself a nice little settlement and moved out here. I knew marijuana was legal but wow. Its really a shock how casual and calm it is. People are so CHILL about it.
    I cant post the names of dispensaries or products because IDK what the forum rools are about that stuff. But Im living in a hotel room for the next couple weeks and Im on a budget. I went to the store as soon as I got here and for less than a hundred dollars I got an ounce of pot, a rechargable vape and an odorless oil cartridge. I bought a cheapo glass bowl for three dollars at the gas staion next door. Seriously. I got a glass pipe for three dollars. It was 2.99 and it works fine.
    Whats a shock is just how REAL it is when you walk into a dispensary. All the strains are marked exactly what they are. With a lab test. I bought real strains for the first time in my life. Asked for them by name and got them. And Im learning so much more about this incredible plant. People in the industry are so eager to share knowledge about marijuana. Its really wonderful.
    You know what the smoke shop has coming for me Thursday? Brick hash. Old school brick hash. Just for me.
    Its a great feeling walking around with a vape and a some weed, puffing away and being happy. Knowing that Im not in any legal danger. Incredible.
    I hope you are all enjoying life like I am.
  2. Tell me more about it....really do

    I personally just moved to WA about a week ago. I haven't started smoking yet cause I'm living with my uncle and his friend, but i'll be getting my own apartment soon and once I do its puff puff, and puff some more:smoking-bong:

    vaping ftw

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