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  1. Any one else stressed by life.?

    I just get scared sometimes....
  2. You have no idea....
  3. I know what you're sayin mannn....sometimes you just gotta take 'er easy, and if she's easy take 'er twice!
  4. Life is a bitch, so grab it by the hair and fuck it :smoke:
  5. [ame=]10 - Jaws Of Life (Fast Foward) - Savage C - The Couch Potato - YouTube[/ame]
  6. Gotta block out those stressful vibes. Think positive. Whenever I get stressed, or negative vibes, I remind myself of my goals and reassure myself that I have the willpower to achieve them. Anyone can do it, you just have to commit. Remind yourself what is important in life!
  7. sometimes i wanna just freak out hurt people......... but not really

    and I live I honsetly do
    i just dont know how to do it right.... or maybe everyone gets fuckking scared like me
  8. im with you op...
  9. LOL Im so stressed I had a court hearing today and halfway through it I got loud to the judge wanted to beat the shit out of the ass LOL i mean yea I get stressed sometimes..
  10. What are you scared of? People? Bad people? Do to others how you would like to be treated and the best should hopefully happen to you. Just be the best you, and no, you are not alone
  11. yeah man. you have no idea.
  12. The world is a dick dude. People make me sick.
  13. its my faulty i know but its like i cant make diffrent choices...

    and like

    i know life is good but its like complete shit at the same time
  14. my junkie roomate is moving out tho.... just next door....

    leaving me to fit the bill for this month.

    its good tho fuckin kid is going to get im self locked up( and for some reason i want this to happen to where hes in a jail cell puking his guts out fucked up i know)

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