life time supply of weed but with a hitch

Discussion in 'General' started by davida0829, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. ok blades say you where told that you could have a lifetime supply of weed (ounce a day for the rest of ur life)

    here is the hitch tho u have 2 smoke with 3 people you hate the most in the world who are those people??

    1 jay leno
    2 dr phill
    3 a neighbor of mine

    and also what kinda weed would u pick my pick would be g-13 or g-13 haze
  2. Damn you.


    for the sake of being a smartass I'd say I hate

    1. Jennifer Lopez
    2. Jessica Alba
    3. Kim Kardashian

    Yes, I can't stand those cunts, so I'm doomed to smoke with them .. oh no!

    But really, It'd look like this

    actually.. I hate no one? I've got love for everyone.
  3. umm ok lol =] lets keep em coming:smoke:
  4. 1.) Willie Nelson
    2.) Trey Anastasio
    3.) Charlie Day

    I swear I hate them all so much...



    Wait a minute, did I just make the same joke as the person directly above me?

    For shame....for shame. :(
  5. never heard of the last 2 but i fucking hate willie nelson to:devious:

  6. free weed? WHERE :D
    (just trollin)

    1) mainly everyone in oklahoma :b
  7. lol nice =] i hate perty much everyone in casper
  8. sick thread bro lol

    um if i had to chose 3 ppl i would do it cuz id do alot of shit for unlimited weed this is light work.

    1) Bill cosby <-- racist fuck
    2) Justin Bieber <--- Faggot ass lil kid
    3) Rabbit from Winnie The Poo <--- That rabbit is a fucking bitch..

    And id choose White Widow or some crazy shit i had called Kryptonite

  9. thanks epic eric =] an thanks for sayin what kinda weed aswell =]

    o yea i fucking hate bieber aswell
  10. hell yea but other then that a life time of weed holy shit... i mean being a kid at 18 smoking an ounce a week is like what i love.. i go to my moms with a QP of Sour diesel from new york its so fucking stinky i had a huge 5G nug in an altoid container inside a bag and it stunk up my room BADD
  11. Alright, mine would be:

    1) Akon. I hate that fuck and his music more than anything on earth.:mad:
    2) Steve Jobs. Cocky, arrogant, elitist sheep herder.
    3) Jack Thompson. GTA doesn't turn kids into murderers, you child-worshiping fuck!
  12. lol damn dude nice =] i can barely get a gram a week let alone an oz
  13. thanks for posting man an thanks for the explanations as to why u hate them:smoke:
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    How, and who.....could possibly hate Willie nelson?

    That is like saying you hate solid ground. Willie Nelson was advocating weed before most of you were a cum stream. I assume you guys are young.....and don't know that Willie would have been a 50,000 poster on this forum, if it existed in his day :)

    At the Illinois State Fair in Springfield, where Blender met with Nelson, the American icon, now 68, stood for an hour in the pouring rain, until he had shaken hands with the last fan waiting in line. He insists on doing this every night he performs.

    He played a concert at the White House in 1978, then accepted President Jimmy Carter’s invitation to stay the night. Before turning in, he wandered up to the roof to enjoy “a fat Austin torpedo.” Yes, he is the only documented person to smoke weed on the roof of the white house.

    During the 1999 gubernatorial campaign in Kentucky, Nelson performed a benefit concert for the Reform Party candidate, Gatewood Galbraith, who favored the legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes.


    Don't be ignorant, Willie is a forefather of weed smokers everywhere. Even if you hate his music, his whole life has been about....uh basically everything that people on these forums stand for.
  15. that sucks bro im a landscaper and i make decent money like 80-100$ a day sometimes so im good and my dad paid for my car/insurance so i don't have much bills cept my phone

    good shit and i agree with #3
  16. 1. Bill O' Reily
    2. Any of the dudes from Jersey Shore
    3. Soulja Boy

    God, actually thinking about it, it wouldn't even be worth it. Those motherfuckers would kill my high everytime, so having all that weed would be kinda pointless
  17. Whaaaaaaa? That has always been a dream of mine, to smoke with the Cos. Lifetime supply of puddin' cups for the munchies, not to mention how bad i'd be laughing with all of Bill's funny ass "Geeeba Gabba" faces and shit.
  18. 1. drake
    2. jersey shore cast.. i hate them
    3. Tigger from winnie the pooh.. Rabbit is just keeping it real, cause he works his ass off in that garden and dumbass tigger comes along and fucks it all up

  19. You need to read the whole post, he said he was joking straight afterwards...
  20. Would i have to smoke with them everytime????
    The three people i hate the most arent famous... to tell you the truth i couldnt give a rats arse about celebrities, but, for me it would be intolarable to be in the same room as those three people let alone have to smoke with them so fuck that, id rather grow!!!!!

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