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Life sucks right now

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MyBuddyJebus, May 30, 2009.

  1. Just a rant before I go the the park and light up a joint and try to forget all about this:

    So the beginning of this year started out pretty good. I was hanging out a lot with some old friends I grew up with and really started to enjoy smoking the herb and kicking back. This lasted for about 2 months then things got bad. My husband had to take a major pay cut from his company a while back and things haven't gotten better. We are constantly struggling with our basic bills. I graduated college in March and no one wants to hire right now. So here I am, an unemployed college graduate with $20,000 in student loans and no hope for a job anytime soon. On top of all that my husband and I are probably going to have to move out of our apartment and move in with his grandparents in order to keep from going bankrupt. And we have a friend who just got out of the military who is staying with us but won't get off his lazy ass to find a job or his own place. All he does is sleep ALL day and occasionally wakes up for a few hours to watch anime. It is really hard to be a young married couple with no privacy right now and no money. I'm trying to keep my head together and stay strong for my husband because it is really affecting him too but it is getting harder for me not to break down.

    I'm going to go smoke some chronic with my husband and cousin and try to calm my mind for a few hours.
  2. Yea smoke that j. Things will get better for u. I'll smoke one for u too. :wave:
  3. keep your chin up, give your friend some support, he just got out of the army. Give him some time to get on his feet. Im sure things will get better. Don't give up hope, things will get better.

    Enjoy that j :smoke:
  4. good luck and make sure you cut back on things that cost cash so you can start saving up to pay back student loans. Best of luck again
  5. Life deals some shit hands sometimes, but like was said before it wont last forever.
  6. all i can say is kick the anime watching guy out you and you man are having a hard enough time already

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