Life outside of Earth?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by stookey, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. ???

    I say there has to be. Theres millions of other galaxys with millions of other planets. Somewhere out there there has to be another planet that could harvest life.

    This also makes me wonder...

    If theres life on other planets..what if there was a planet that harvested life long before earth did? This would mean they have evolved much longer then us. Imagine the tecnollogy of a planet that has had people living on it for hundreds of thousands of years more then us. What if they have already figured out all of lifes questions?
  2. I do not doubt there is other intelligent life out there, even though I have a hard enough time finding it here.

    An encounter with an alien lifeform would definitely be interesting, but I doubt it'd have all of "life's questions answered" because it'd probably have a completely different philosophy because reality is subjective.

    It'd be composed of different molecules, and would eat a different diet. Who knows what this creature could interpret life as?
  3. i remember reading that although the chances of there being no intelligent life outside earth are very slim,
    it is an even slimmer chance that it is a common thing in the universe.

    the probability of a planet which can sustain life, exisiting long enough to allow the life to evolve, is very very low.

    BUT! not impossible.

    personally, i think it's stupid to say there is no other life in the universe.
  4. if the univers is infinite, like theorised(sp), then there are infinite chances for life.
  5. How can they say what a certain life-form needs. Maybe there is life, that exists in a completly different way than we do. It seems to me that life could evolve to exist anywhere.
  6. i belive there are others out there but i dont think they know the answer to lifes questions; why would they be searching and visiting here?

    heres somthing a but harder to speculate on:
    what if these"aliens" are actually atlantians who live in the bermuda's triangle and all the UFOs we see are actually submersables AND maybe interplantatary crafts.

    just another stupid theory though.

    stay SOLID.

  7. dude, that makes me wonder 2. that would be cool seein a brand new different technology and colony.

    i wonder if there are like alien weed that could keep high for 24 hours, that would be the sweeeeeeeeetest!

    or like yellow alien weed that fucks you up with only one, the world would save so much money...maybe...

  8. one day, it will come. well never know when, but it will come. let us all keep focused on our path to... i dont know where im goin with this. sorry.

    Stay SOLID

  9. there has to be life outside of earth.....

    our source of life and energy is the Sun, and the Sun just a star.....think about how many stars there are and how many planets they provide energy and life to......

    and it could also be that Earth existed before our time......that over years, it drifts from the suns gravitational pull, and ay'one dies, lol.....but then its pulled back, and creates life again......think about it, this could be true, cus everything goes through a cycle.......
  10. The nearest star other than the sun is alpha centari or something like that, and its 4.27 light years away. i dont think it has the G-force to pull us that far.

  11. im not talkin different stars, im talkin bout our Sun......
  12. ooops, I read your post way to quick... sorry bro.
  13. That's not physically possible unless it already has an erratic elliptical orbit. The force of gravity is inversly proportional to the distance between two bodies squared. Think certain gravitational constants times the masses divided by the radius squared. The further away we get, the less force there is exerted. Thus, if earth actually started to pull away, it's orbit would continually get further away. I believe the radius would increase logarithmically. The only way the earth could pull far away and come back was if it had a wildly elliptical orbit where it pulled far away (once or twice depending on stuff) each year.

  14. true....but i left out something.....instead of the earth floatin away, it explodes and after years, the pieces are brought back together from the Suns gravity.....Bing Bang over and over again in a cycle......
  15. InferiorWang, man you took the words right outta my mouth :D
    I was just about to type that same stuff about orbits and gravity and squared pies and shit but you beat me to it!

  16. yeah fuckin
  17. life on the microbial level is very possible and highly likely to exist, even within our own solar system. more advanced organisms such as animals and higher plants, less likely.

    on earth alone there are bacteria, called "extremophiles" that thrive in temperatures of up to 150C, with pressures of up to 600lbs per square inch, and absolutely no light. such creatures have been found on the ocean floor next to deep sea vents. instead of using light as the catalyst to create life, these organisms metabolism breaks down chemicals like methane to produce energy.

    anyways, if life like this can exist on our own planet, why not anywhere else in the universe?
  18. Even if it exploded for some random reason, the pieces would not come back together to for a planet. Pieces would likely drift all over. Some would get caught in the gravity wells of other planets. Others might spread out and form a debris ring similar to the asteroid belt.

  19. i would have a good answer if i paid more attention in Science.....
  20. life outside earth is possible. anything is.

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