life or death?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by fenabar, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. 5 days ago I knocked a seedling over and is head ripped off leaving only s pathetic stem.

    Its still hanging on..

    Will It live and form new leaves our will it wither and die?

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  2. Its gonna die.
  3. Pessimist :p LOL
  4. [quote name='"fenabar"']

    Pessimist :p LOL[/quote]

    No just a realist. The "head" contains the plants first leaves and nutrients that the plant will use the first few days.

    They look stretched, you may want to consider more lighting before the others die on their own.
  5. Yes and yes. I'm surprised it has lived this long. So now I'm kinda rooting for it.

    I'm in a greenhouse and it has been overcast for a little over a week. Or most of their lives. I guess I need more supplemental lighting during days like that.
  6. Its still hanging on!

    And my uber set up. Not sure what strain that sativa is. I just call it 'lettuce prey'. I like a good pun

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  7. Vertical growth on those is great! They look healthy. Lettuce prey for good yields ;) have you ever considered attempting aquaponics in your greenhouse? Possibly as your own experiment with nutrients... Fish ... Etc. i threw a seed in a mini system of mine messing around. And it sprouted in hours. Lol.
  8. It's not gonna make it. Sorry my condolences:(
  9. the fuck, why you diggin up old threads like this? the problem with beheading a seedling like that is that roots are the only thing that can grow from a bare stem and even for them the stem needs to be older. branches, leaves, flowers and such only grow from specific budsites, which are all above the cotelydons. its not the cotelydons missing what amde this plant die (although it wouldnt have had good chances without them), instead its what was in between the cotelydons - the main growth tip and the budsites for side branches.
  10. Ya she died shortly after my last post.
    Aquaponics? How is that different from hydroponics? I'm currently in a rDWC.
  11. Very good description. Thank you. Although your rude.

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