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Life of a Satori

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Bud t3nd, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Hey GC.
    Mandala's Satori here. :smoke:

    They are a joy to grow and have around.
    Thank you, Mandala

    :wave: Thanks for stopping by
    Happy Growing!

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  2. Medium: Botanicare Coco/perlite/mykos
    Nutes: Canna Coco A&B, Rhizo, Maxi-Cal
    Light: (4) 26 watt cfls, (2) 42 watt cfls, both 6500k
    Music: Jazz, Dub

    The girls have been in flower since 3/24.
    They will soon be moved into a 600 watt hps flowering tent. :)

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  3. Satori is an awesome sativa buzz, I don't know why more people don't grow it :confused:

    Mandala strains are awesome, not tried the femms though :smoke:
  4. Have you grown Satori before? It's genetics are amazing. Fast growth both above and below medium, strong, ridged; definitely eye candy. In my year of growing, this is the best strain I've had the pleasure of raising. Cant wait to try her :D

    I have yet to try the feminized seeds too. I plan on using colloidal silver on one of her cuttings to produced fem seeds. :smoke:

    From Mandala
  5. Nice I have bee searching for a good sativa to grow. Might have to look into the Satori after seeing this thread, and doing a search on it.
  6. Not grown any yet but I've smoked some and the 8 Miles High, 8MH was out of this world I even bought some beans but I've not popped them yet :smoke:
  7. Out with the old, in with the new. :D

    The Satori are in their new home with a bag seed(Pamela) until harvest. They're now under a 600 watt hps and high cfm fan. The light is about 20" away from the canopy. Since putting them in the tent, the humidity level has risen to 50% rh. The fan was on a timer stopping every hour, but I decided to keep the fan circulating at all times.

    Happy Growing!:smoke:

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  8. These plants are given the Canna Coco line-up.

    Week 2 flower:
    15ml Coco A&B
    10ml Cannazym
    10ml Cannaboost
    5ml Rhizo
    in 2 gal r/o water
    around 1.0-1.1 mS

    The rez has an airstone to keep water oxygenated. :smoke:

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  9. Wham-bam! Day 13.. a picture update :smoke:

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  10. my last order of seeds i ordered c99,satori, and strawberry cough..i was interested in the satori strain, had huge leaves and grew very fast, unfortunately i only had 1 seed and it turned out to be a male =/ maybe next time i order, ill pick up more than 1 satori seed but on the other hand i ended up with a very nice cinderella 99 phenotype(fruit punch). fastest flowering plant i have seen, i suggest it to anyone interested in sativa strains.
  11. Thanks Panda, and welcome to the Satori grow. :wave:

    c99 sounds like a good strain, i shall check it out next time i order seeds. :smoke:
  12. Happy Growing! :smoke:

    1, 2. Satori #2

    3, 4. Satori #1

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  13. Subbing, friend
  14. #14 Bud t3nd, Apr 12, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 12, 2012

    Here's the girls (day 19) for your viewing pleasure. Any questions or comments, shoot! :D
    If anyone has experience growing Satori and would like to share their experience, dont be shy. :cool:
    This thread should be about all different Satori grows. Post your pics and stories.

    Satori Love!:hello:

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  15. :wave: Greetings everyone. Yesterday marked the Satori's 23rd day in flower. :D We're almost to the half-way mark! The girls are receiving 18ml A+B, 10ml cannazym, 7ml cannaboost per 2 gal water. Buying new canna nutes soon, the coco A&B are lowering the ph from 7.0 to 4.7/8! It started doing this a couple weeks ago..

    Thanks for stopping by.
    Happy Growing! :smoke:

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  16. The Satori are developing their resin all throughout the plants bud spots. Satori 1 has the spear phenotype. Satori 2 has the more compact buds, although she stretched out a bit while being left in the tent without air circulation. She also is behind on her flower development compared to her sister, Satori 1.

    They received 7.5ml A+B, 5ml rhizo, 6ml cannazym and 5ml cannaboost with 1 drop superthrive per 1 gallon water. 1.1 EC, 6.0 ph.

    Today marks day 31

    Satori 1 on left, 2 on right

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  17. this looks like a great strain! I tried mandala's Chill-OM and even with malnourishment and a very bad vegative phase they still produced wicked bud! I might do this in my next grow.
  18. I'm really diggin Mandala's genetics :D Satori is a nice addition to your garden, her smell is very seductive. I could sit there all day smelling her, haha.

    That's great, nice lookin buds lXtreeml! How did the smoke come out?
  19. The smoke was phenomenal-it had a pine-like scent when it was first harvested but later cured into a fruity wild smell. It had a zen like chillin buzz that was great for music and thinking, very potent. I'm re-vegging my favorite one so I can clone it or grow it out for reflower I liked the smoke so much. highly recommend.
  20. That seems to be the theme with Mandala. Their strains having a creative, meditative vibe about them, must be the napal & indian land race genetics. I would like to check out one of their newer strains, Rishi Kush.. It seems to be another nice smoke. oh and krystalica, or maybe kalichakra! Their names are so appealing to me! Haha

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