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life needs a road map.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. why cant i get my head screwed on straight?

    ill come back to this when im more stoned.
  2. dunno you tried a screwdriver hehe

    ...oh that was terrible lol
  3. ...........wut the fuck are u guys talkin about???? lololol.......
  4. i was pretty fucking i cant even fucking think straight most of the time.
  5. l know what ya mean ,but.There is no map my friend ya just gotta make the right choice at the right time .

    l know looking back l,ve missed a few l should have taken ,but thats life ,lol.:D
  6. Hind site is 20/20.. Learn from your mistakes in the past and don't take the same roads you did then..

    No one has their head screwed on straight.. From past experiences we walk a straighter line....
  7. Life is what you make it Norm. Just remember that marijuana is the sixth sense that makes the other five more enjoyable. Nice to see you again mate, hope you can be spending more time around here.
  8. awww, namron, things will get better with time. for the time being keep your spirits up, your an awesome, smart guy. you'll figure it out and get out of this slump;) lots of good karma and your in my prayers;)
  9. its some kind of road map, i think "its the road map to the automotive world" Thats almost life right?

  10. amen to that
  11. if life had a road map then it would be no fun, no challanges no surprise
  12. I'm with Luke...

    You make your own road map.

    Sometimes you draw it in as you go and other times you can draw ahead by planning. I prefer the draw as you go but I've been drawing ahead I have to think about why I switched how I'm making my road map.

    Thanks, Norm....I'm sorry you're having a bit of a mind fuck right now but you inspired my new mind fuck. :p Still love ya, though. :)
  13. i chose the beaten path.. i've been to where it leads, why i keep coming back a mystery to me...

    thats actually a nofx song :D

    life doesnt need a road map, it needs onstar so its even more fail safe...

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