Life is:

Discussion in 'General' started by tawmsoyer, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. How's life for you?

    I'll start.
    Life's a little stale. Got a few job interviews coming up so that's a plus.

    What about y'alls?
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  2. Life is good for me.I just take care of my kids and work in my garden. My husband is very nice/sweet to me and I also treat him like a king that he is. I like to spend time with him and my little sis and get high with them. I also might be having another child ina bit if I am pregnant. I don't have many friends tho (just one to be specific) but shes awesome tho!. So yea I have a great life these days. A lot better then it used to be because I have a lot of people for supporting me when I need it the most.

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  3. Life is good. Working my way up in my job. In a totally new area and making friends. Have some options for my future. Just want to find a woman to share my life with and hopefully have a child with to get my mom off my case

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  4. a box of chocolates
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  5. Chillin like a villain, smoking some dank af big island ganja, tryin to give as little a fuck as possible. Im In island mode....
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  6. Sucks I got enslaved by an evil witch but apart from that it's pretty cool.
    Scored 60 th place in the german championship of bike couriers recently met some decent folk. Just my boss sucks
  7. The wind in my face and the sun on my back.

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  8. I’m sicker than a dog with an incurable disease but thanks to Jah and my wonderful spouse, life is A WONDERFUL GIFT!
    I’m stoned on my own weed, that’s a plus :love-m3j:
  9. suffering...

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