life is strange

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  1. I'm about to go to the memorial service of Collin La More. He was my regular dealer throughout my entire college career, and he died in a car crash this last saturday. He was 21 years old, he and another person in the car died. The driver is laid up in the hospital.
    So young... he didn't wake up that day and consider that it was his day to die. I guess few do. Seeing his face in the news story about the crash was unreal.. funny dude, smart, had his shit together. a bio major like myself. He was on his final term before graduating.
    This is a strange life we live. Call your parents and tell them you love them. be thankful for your friends. Life can be extinguished in an instant. Remember the beauty and impermanence of existence at all times. i'm gonna be smoking a bowl for my friend Collin tonight. i would appreciate it if everyone who reads this does the same
  2. I was thinking about going to have a bowl, so I'll get off GC and have one in memorial for this guy after my post.

    You're right, life is strange. Just last year, my senior year of high school, a month before graduation, someone in my class (a small class too) died in a car accident, passenger made it through nearly unscathed, even his glasses weren't broken. The car was a twisted piece of metal by the time it completed its 5th roll.

    Nothing you can do about it except realize the immensity of life, and never again be caught up in the small things that don't matter.
  3. Man thats cool and all but if his fam like googles his name or something they are probly gonna read this about him dealing green ya know just sayin
  4. I wish that happened to me

    my condolences to his family
  5. rip

    and take his name off here for gods sake
  6. R.I.P sorry for your loss

  7. He's already passed on though, I seriously doubt if anyone found out that he sold bud now they would even care
  8. he looked like a good kid.. kinda reminds me of this kid i used to be friends with before i moved 5 years back

    packin one up for him now
  9. When shit like this happens, it makes you realize how fragile life really is. I'mma pack one up for him too.

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