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  1. I had a friend that was 17 just recently die and it has made me not want to be a stoner or a drinker anymore.............. here is was happened on saturday night brooks was drinking and got alcohol poisoning and fell down the steps andhit his head knocked him out cold.........he would wake up later on that night and go to the hospital and get checked for the alchol posiong all while this is going on he has the signs of head trama and he would be released and sunday afternoon his dads birthday he suffered a major heart attack and would later be pronounced brain dead at 7 30 sunday night last weekend and he was kept alive till bout 3 30 monday afternoon he saved 9 ppls lives with his organs all the way from skin to his eyes were dontated..............i just wanted to let u know wat a fellow stoner is going through right now..............i havent smoked since saturday night and saw him on sunday brain was his funeral and he was such a good guitar player.........................this kid would change ur life with anything he was the universal friend................i just wanted to say this is wat i am going through right now and that u should take life more seriously and it is precious..............................
  2. Indeed. Sometimes it takes things like this for us to realize how fortunate we are. I was out one night and almost got hit by someone going over 100mph as I was coming out of a parking lot. (I wasn't even going 10 mph and I think it's safe to say I would have got killed had I not swerved out of the way).
  3. Im sparkin one for your boy man, we all gotta stick together in the tough times.

    I can completely understand how you are feeling and offer my condolences.
  4. Im really sorry to hear that. Most people just get so caught up with life that they forget how truly precious life is. Then stuff like this happens and makes us all think about how fortunate we are.

    R I P, I hope your friend has gone to a better place.
  5. That was fucking heroic what your friend did dude, saving all those peoples lives with organs. That's insane. This bowls for your friend. RIP
  6. good luck, yeah its hard when you go threw something like that, but i really hope the best for you!
  7. sorry for your loss.
    too many people take alcohol way too far. :(
  8. Same kinda thing happened to me 3-4 months back.

    Got a call from my boy's ma. Said you remeber so n so which i grew up with and they're ma. I did, She told me what happened.

    She got in a bad car accident in 89 and since i knew her she was all on pain meds. She was 39 and i guess she got into drinking vodka too on the east side of detroit over on runyon ave.

    She was drunk and pilled out with some 2,000 grams of codiene in her supposivley. She fell down a flight of stairs and knocked herself out.

    Her son mikey didnt know what was wrong except his ma's wouldnt wake up and he's only 19. He took her up stairs, She wouldnt wake up and he called for an ambulance.

    Found out she was braindead, Shes adopted and moved from south korea to detroit. She has no family, The father lives in texas and a lowlife. Younger son only other relative around. Mikey was supposed t make the choice whetehr ot not to pull the plug on her.

    She died the next morning naturally.

    Sad as hell. Never woulda expected it.
  9. im really sorry to hear that. hope you get well man
  10. Unfortunate times, my friends. It's a shame how foolishly we can end ourselves without even thinking about. My condolences.
  11. My sympathies, dude.
    I'm very sorry to's sad.

    He's a fucking cool guy to donate his organs. RIP.
  12. Sorry about your loss. But think about it, its alcohols fault, yet weed is illegal.:confused:
  13. I fell for you bruv my nan has got alhzeimers disease and although she isnt dead it's sort of like watching someone die she went from a proud intelligent woman with a great soacail life and loads of holidays. now she needs help dresssing and bathing. Its sad to see anything like taht happen to a good friend or relative.
  14. I'm really sorry to hear about your friend man, my best friend who i loved as much as a mom or dad whom i all love like none other (no im not gay), died on the fifth of november this year at was one of the worst nights i've had in my life. Ever since that day my life has flipp flopped so much, i still burn of course, although i dont abuse it alot now.... It took me alot to get over it in the time i did.

    I truely understand how you feel and godamn i feel your pain and please dont take me as a regious person cause im not at all; but it helps to know that our souls are never gone, their eternal. Without a begining, and without an end. Your bro's souls prolly in his favorite place right now. Life is the most preciouse thing, and it took me the worst moments of my life (litterally) to realize that while doing salvia, and my best friends death especially.
    The worst thing about my bro's death was the lifelessnes in him, just how he felt soulless....
    You must understand though he really is going and reliving another life and you will meet him again in the futur. There are millions of other solar systems out there and u can see just by looking in the sky, he's somewhere out there, or will be soon; once he decides its time again.
    Go out and rent the movie 'what dreams may come' that has robbin williams in it.... i never watch tv or movies....i hate tellevision and most movies but this movie somehow really is great, helpfull, 'need' type of movie....a buddy told me to watch it when going through shock (litterally - my hands and arms were numb and was the wierdest worst thing) and my chest just ached and it felt like seriously it would never end and forever i would have this sorrow in me.
    The movie helped me view things from a different view, and helped me alot, with some other things as well. I still shudder when i think of it.

    If you need any help, lemme know.

  15. Sorry to hear about that man. All the best wishes for you and his family.

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