Life is so boring sometimes, I feel the need for...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ElendGold, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. I feel the need to be on substances all the time.

    Sometimes life is so boring. Why? Because it is, indeed, filled with tons of things to do. But not what you WANT to do, but rather what you HAVE to do.

    Go to School,
    Go to Work,
    Deal with good and bad People,

    And why do we do this? Because we have to "suceed" at life. Don't get me wrong, I love going to my University, learn incredibly interesting things. I love to be with the same gang at my job and dealing with people isn't that bad...

    But I HAVE to do it. It's not a decision....

    And I was always too much of a pussy to say "fuck it" and do what I really want.

    I always wanted to teach history... but I perfectly know in the back of my mind... I want to be a Film Director...

    My Film and Art teacher in high school once told me, at the end of my last year, that I was one of the most promising talent he had seen in a long time.

    But I was just too much of a pussy to go into the industry of movies... I need the make sure I get a cheque at the end of the week... and teaching will give me that.

    I'm sorry if it didn't make that much sense, I'm kind of putting my soul next to my keyboard, reading it and typing it down.


    P.S. I am drunk... very very drunk.
  2. It's alright, my friend.

    I feel the need to be high always. I agree with everything you said.

    I've been pushed all my life to succeed... I'd say I haven't come out half bad thus far.

    "Be a doctor!"

    "You could be a lawyer! They make tons!"

    I know I want my career to be focused almost exclusively on my writing, so no doctor.

    I'll figure out what I want, and when I do, not a single fucking person has the right to tell me whether or not I should "want" it.

    Ah, I'm just pissed off today. Anyhow, you should follow your dreams. If you're exceptionally talented in the film and media areas, do not hesitate. We have an absurd amount of teachers who NEED jobs, but can't get hired, 'cause we already have too many (at least, in Ontario it seems). A teacher is a damn respectable job, but be warned, you can't always bring in the cash. Just a thought. I myself was thinking of Screenplay Writing or something, maybe an editor of some sort.

    Just do what you want. Live your life. Only you know what you want. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Oh, and one more thing... keep smoking. :smoking:
  3. I know where you are coming from. I feel the same way sometimes. Life is just one big competition to determine who has more money. I feel if I go against the normal routine I will be looked down upon. I'd much rather spend my life traveling the world and meeting new interesting people then wasting away my life in one area with the same people.
  4. Thanks mate, it's good to hear from someone who feels the same.

    I'm shooting for a PhD, so it's teaching in Universities, which is always open for new teachers.

    Thanks again,

  5. This is exactly what I've needed to hear all day, my parents always put pressure on me to try and be a doctor or a lawyer, when the truth is I want to get into Carpentry or Construction. I've been taking University courses all through highschool just to please them. I'm getting pretty sick of it.
  6. Go for it dude, you'll thank yourself.

    My problem is, at the same time I want what I've been forcing myself to do... It's such a fucked situation
  7. exactly.

    for some reason , humans are programmed to be BETTER or in COMPETITION with everybody else , which is a path I do not understand .

    "But all the rich people walk all over the poor! "

    .they do?

    the fact that someone even has that thought in their head means they got serious issues ahead of them.

    be yourself, summary of this messsage, haha.
  8. buddy thats life. I hate the way mines going so far and it affects me in everyway. JUST LOOK AT MY USERNAME! lol life aint easy just try and enjoy it the best YOU can.
  9. i know how your feeling. but the way i see it, a person who loves doing the thing he or she is doing is VERY VERY lucky and thats not that common :(, so gl to you
  10. Thanks hendrix, I do like what I do, I guess I'm lucky
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    Ah,ı am feeling the same,all those responsibilities,pressures,sometimes ı feel like ı am living somebody else's life.I consider my self lucky,cause ı am studying what ı want for years,but is this the life ı want to live? ı'll figure it out someday.

    Ps: Dude did you watch Into The Wild?If you didnt just give it a try,that film had an huge effect on my life.
  12. dude you gotta chase you're dreams. embrace them. At least you have dreams.

    There was a long period in my life when I just lost the sparkle in my eyes...I had nothing to look forward to. I had no dreams for the future. Trust me, apathy is the worst emotion.

    You only live once, and life goes fast. Embrace you're dream. People without dreams are easily forgotten, the people that are remembered are those who chase their dreams.
  13. took the thought right outta my head. i have always wanted to open my own salon, but my parents wanted me to get into the med field because i was wicked good in math and science. all through high school i got bitched at for it, so i smoked every day just about and that helped me just decide fuck what they want, i gotta get mine. now i'm sittin here baked as fuck, in my own apartment, takin all the classes i need todo that!!! :smoking:

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