Life Is Sex

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  1. All life is sex. Sex is the driving force behind the entire universe, and in order to sustain itself the Universe is constantly engaged in the sexual act. All space and all time, then, is part of an eternal cosmic act of sex. Much of it is foreplay. Building attraction. Think of it as you having a divine lover, who in one way is you and in another way is your perfect match. SHe is your perfectly compatible mental and sexual partner. You are perfect to hir perceptions, and SHe is perfect to your perceptions. Everything you do makes you more attractive to hir, makes hir want you more. Everything that occurs in your life makes your highest self better understand hir, and therefore increases your attraction to hir and further realize hir perfection. SHe is always present, your perfect counterpart, making hirself more and more attractive to you, showing you more and more hir perfection, according to your own perceptions. All the while, the same thing is happening in the reverse, where you become more and more attractive and perfect to hir. In some ways, much of life is like this relationship being expressed through teasing, where you are not explicitly fufilled and yet this force is still at work, “teasing” you so as to build excitement.

    Consider this from the more physical angle, as well. Sexual pleasure is a neural response. It is simply a particular sensation of neurons being energetically stimulated. All perception is the result of neural responses. With a cultivation of the right perspective, you can come to perceive all physical sensation as sexual pleasure. When we consider the essentially proven holographic nature of the mind/brain/nervous system, in which every part contains within itself the information of the whole, it becomes clear how the nervous system in its totality can be trained to understand all stimulation as sexual pleasure. The actual physical act of sex, then, becomes an intensified act of an ongoing sex act. Through training yourself to perceive reality in this way, life itself of course becomes more and more pleasurable, but you become much more sensitive sexually as well, and so the pleasure derived from the physical act will also skyrocket.
  2. Nice! an interesting way to look at things for sure. The first thing the title brought to mind was that episode of the office where they're interviewing people for the manager position and one of the candidates is this really odd dude who says the same things while explaining his approach to sells hahah.
  3. It's awesome how we all think alike even though we've never met and live thousands of miles apart. The internet has really brought human kind more closer and constantly shows the universality of the human experience. And Grasscity is like the internet's misstress, that dirty slut that everyone likes to ogle at; take that how you want coz I really don't know how
  4. It's fun to experiment.
  5. Sex

    That is MY Holy Trinity.
  6. I agree with the post, but what's about with hir? lol decided you didn't like her?
  7. I have been theorizing about this very subject for some time.

    I have been wondering where all the energy from the orgasm GOES!

    Is this where black energy comes form? Is this the power of the universe?

    How many orgasms does it take to make a star burst to life?

    Maybe a really good orgasm is how worm holes are formed.

    Ah the mysteries of the universe.

    and YES

    is the way,
    but we need to add video games & "good movies"
  8. lol 'hir' is gender neutral. When you are attempting to describe a being, where in normal english you have to choose between 'him' or 'her,' you instead say 'hir.'
  9. I like to have a lot of sex
  10. I disagree with you Freud, lol...

    Life is determind by will and neccesity - and sex is just an adulated subset of both.
  11. Sexual attraction... is an illusion

    In this body of flesh, blood, bone, hair and skin, we perceive beauty and charm...

    yet the attraction to this illusion does not even last, the very flesh that contributed to the attraction is lost with age.

    no, life is not sex.
  12. How is life not sex? Life begins from sex. I believe that's the main point Journey was making. Through asexual relations or heterosexual everything still starts from sex. You need sex for life to continue.
  13. Uhh... You need water for life to continue, so is life water?

    Just because something is needed for the subsistence of life, that doesn't render it to be the culmination of existence.
  14. boats and hoes lmao
  15. You...are an illusion :eek: ;)
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    I see all statements about reality as 'metaphors'...I freely work within the context of metaphors in my writing isn't always best interpreted 'literally'. That is not to say that my writings are not true, or that I do not believe them, but rather to say that they cannot be properly understood with rigid thinking.
  17. What is life? Well family, then friends then money, contacts, money, money, money, money, money... uhhh I forgot something... oh money!
  18. What's money without the concept it stands for...?

  19. Everything in this world, you cant even live properly without money. When you want to live in your house it all stands on your money. You want to eat delicious food? You need money. You want buy nice furnite, you need money? You want to have very nice date with girlfriend/wife you need money. You want to wear clothes, you need money.

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