Life is good.

Discussion in 'General' started by Flying Lotus, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. My parents just left to the airport, gonna visit family in Iowa for a week.
    I've got the house to myself all week, I just purchased a Half O, of some dank northern lights.

    Time for me to disappear, into my mind.

    Anyone else in a similar situation as mine?
    Or if your having a good day, just post it.
    I wanna read everyones happiness.
  2. I went swimming with a few of my friends and then got some cheese stuffed crust pizza. On a t break but my friends smoked. :smoke:
  3. Nice.
    How long you taking your T-Break for?
  4. 2 weeks. I'm going to smoke a fat ass bowl on feb 5. :smoke:
    I got to the point where I could smoke 4 bowls out of a bong and still be able to talk and walk around fine. I should be foaming at the mouth.
  5. Damn.
    Yeah, thats definitely a good time to take a T-Break.
    Plus, theres nothing like ripping a fat bowl, and then just vanishing into the fade.
    I love being so stoned I can't function.
  6. I forgot that feeling sadly. I got high just to get the little bit of a buzz that I got. :(
    Should be better when I'm done though, I plan on toning it down a bit. Few times on weekends, not a few times a day.
  7. Yeah, I smell ya homie.
    Either way, good luck with that T-Break.
    It will be worth it...
    So worth it.
  8. Oh yea, I planned on starting on Monday but I was hanging out with some people at lunch and they where smoking some high mids/low end dank and I said fuck it. :p I got offered some today but it's a diffrent story because I already had 2 days under my belt. :eek: was a mighty fine looking joint though. :(
    I can't wait :hello:
  9. that sounds fucking awesome!! my dad is a grower, so i can steal as much, whenever (; but i have to smoke it without them knowing kinda, not too much smoke smell in the house lol
  10. I sucked up into my mind because I was making love with my ego
  11. Have fun, OP.

    And try not to burn the house.
  12. Life is good; Enjoy and smoke responsibly. :smoke:

    No talk of a party, so those that dont respect wont be tearing up the rents house. ;) :smoke:
  13. Fear and Loathing, the best! :)
  14. I moved to a different state last year and have yet to find any dealers of my own. I usually just stock up when I go back home to visit or when friends come crash up here. Anyways, found a dealer the other day finally and supposed to get hooked up with a dank 1/8 for $50 tomorrow. So yea, life is definitely good.
  15. Let's go to OP's house.

    Where you at, OP?
  16. This.
  17. Yo, I honestly wanna have all you guys over, and just have a huge smoke sesh.
    Everybody is required to bring their herb, and we can't leave til its all gone!

    But I live in Central Arizona, so...
    That may be a drive for most of you haha.
  18. Don't worry... we come by air...

  19. i have a giant flying dragon, named Falcor! :) we climb on his back and arrive at OP's house :) x

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  20. A couple of my mates have open pads this weekend. I'm not smoking right now and I'm not much of a drinker so I think we're just going to do some collab work and try to get some tunes going. I cook for all the drunk fucks and hook it up with some live tunes when possible.
    Life is gewt.

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