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Life is getting boring, depression possibly?

Discussion in 'General' started by BigBud42O, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. Whats up GC. Im just asking for some input on this. Lately I feel like life is just getting old. Same shit different day, and every day I just get unhappier. I cant smoke at the moment due to a forced T break. All my "friends" are fake, I can tell but I dont want to believe it. Im talking to a girl but its going to be long distance since she moved for the summer but i feel like she only talks to now because she knows hardly anybody down there. This thought is reinforced when she talks to me completely different when she is around the 1 person she knows down there. I dont think I'm depressed but I'm not sure. I just want to bring some happiness back into my life. In whatever form that may be, friends, hobbys, a girl that actually wants to talk to me. Im just in a hole at the moment guys. Thank you for any input you may have.:)
  2. Pick up a doobie and fuck the world
  3. Sounds like you are a little depressed. Depression isn't really a sadness, but more of your life being a dull and boring blur. My advice is stay away from weed till it clears, go out more, maybe hang out with new people.
    With the girl, maybe find a new one? If not, then try to keep yourself occupied with friends till she comes back. It honestly seems though that she might look at you as a friend or completely forget about you when you come back. Trust me, long distance doesn't work.

    Also some tips to start feeling better
    Eat healthy, get some sun everyday, get outside, workout, and stay active.
    Sitting home and browsing the internet is the WORST thing you can do when your depressed trust me I've been there lol
    Good luck man
  4. I know how you feel man. The longer I go through life the more pointless it becomes. Its just a cicular cycle till the day you die. Gotta keep your chin up man. Focus on what makes you happy. Realize that everyone elses lives are just as pointless as yours.
  5. I can relate cuz I go threw this a lot to but honestly u have to push urself to do shit for awhile I locked myself up an was like fuck lifes so boring..I was really depressed specially since I live further from my friends an my bf of 6yrs broke up with me but then I started going for walks,meeting new ppl that are a bit closer to me,reading which is something I barely ever do haha just go for a walk,talk to strangers,pick up a book an read it..enroll in some college classes..maybe volunteer if thats ur thing.Life can be boring an it can also be a real bitch I speak from experience but it is also what u make it. anywaaay if u wanna talk feel free to hmu don't feel so bad though ur not the 1st to feel this way an def won't be the last

  6. Yeah man I tried the whole occupy myself with friends. They never really care about me, there has been times I asked them to hangout, they asked if i had weed, I said no, they said no and hung up. And with the girl she really had me going, we said we loved eachother on a daily basis, ya know all that shit. But I know in the back of my mind shes most likely using me. With legal troubles on me aswell shit just isnt looking up.
  7. See thats the thing I dont know what makes me happy, if anything.

    I was thinking of the talking to the strangers and stuff but im so shy when it comes to new people. I just cant do it. Everyone I met I only met from situations where we were somewhat forced to talk.
  8. I think I realised I hate my friends :/

  9. Why man? I feel like talking about your problems helps. I just dont have anybody to talk to except for GC...
  10. Ive always had an overactive imagination and a world with no magic has always been a boring place. WHY CANT I SHOOT FIREBALLS FROM MY HANDS!
  11. ok...
  12. Read books. Its a great way to escape reality.
  13. Damn sorry to hear that man, you sound like you got the cough. You can't live like this though force yourself to go out try and do extracurricular activities and stuff. I know its way easier said than done I've been struggling with depression for a good year now and I'm at my worst now. I think putting the joint down for a while to get your head clear I've been lazy about getting better and now I can't find any optimism at all, Hope you can turn it around man, you will

  14. Thanks for the positivity man.
  15. Im in the same position man. Ended up dumping my girlfriend of 3 years because she was such a bitch at times that even when things we're good I still hurt. I loved her too. Shit sucks. Im stuck at a job that I work at least 10 hour days every day and I feel like im going no where. Iv never felt more pointless in my life. But I realized something. I am going no where with my life, but being stopped is the first place to start from. Im making it a point to get out more. Im enrolling in college this fall to meet new people. Find little Shit that you can make as goals for yourself.
  16. Get a puppy and take it everywhere, it's a great icebreaker, girls love them, and you will have a friend that will never not love you....
  17. How's your family life, or your relationships with your neighbor's. You could take some time too spend with your favorite family member and get to know them better? Maybe hangout with a sibling you're not super close too, or go offer too do something nice for a neighbor like walk their dogs or see if they wanna go out for lunch? Start close to you and move outward I guess is what im saying. Because it sounds like you're filling alittle un-appreciated, so find someone who does appreciate you and that would likely start with the family. Good luck man
  18. Then pick up a hobby? For me it's working out, running, and swimming in preparation for the military physical test and prebootcamp training. Once I move, it will also be making and maintaining a vegetable garden and a few additional "pretty" flowers. I'm pretty content, even though I don't smoke and I don't hang out with my few friends very often. Just occupy yourself bro.

  19. Long distance works if you have the will. I was with my woman for 7months before I was sent upstate due to family issues. We stayed together and she visited me once a month until I turned 18, now I visit her once or twice a month and things are kinda better. I will admit things have gotten really hard lately, but we're still together and we're working though it. And I move back in December, so theres a light at the end of the tunnel. Ive done it for almost 2 years, you can do it for one summer. The trick is staying faithful and keeping constant communication.

    Best wishes, Flap
  20. Good for you man. It was the same story with my ex ex girlfriend, except we didn't even get to see each other but once in 6 months. My most recent girlfriend broke up with me because she couldn't deal with the fact that she wouldn't be able to see me at least once a week. It always feels good to meet someone that is able to stay faithful in such miniscule difficulties.

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