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  1. Hi everyone, I've posted something similar on another forum but I'm a college student writing a paper on why weed should be legalized in all fifty states. Aside from this, I was assigned to do an "ethical action", so I picked mine to be to just speak to people and hear their stories. If you could share how weed has positively impacted your life whether you use it medically or recreationally, I appreciate it.
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  2. I use it for both. People around me suffer less since I started growing. Helping others always makes one happy.
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  3. Weed just makes it possible to do things I couldn't do 5 years ago like take public transit, take care of household chores, give a damn about myself instead of just wait to die. I would love to see it internationally legalized and not stigmatized so much. It's annoying to not be able to talk about it as any kind of success story. Thanks for asking though, it's a good thing to write a paper on. I would love to see less resistance to it at some point. Talking about it helps with that.
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  4. I was drinking entirely too much before 2012 and I decided to smoke weed instead to see if I could curb my drinking. I in fact cut my drinking to almost never. I started feeling better. I noticed I was more in tune with people’s feelings. I was more empathetic.

    About a year or two later I realized that I had never once regretted something I said or did while smoking, and that with alcohol, I frequently regretted the entire evening, and everything I did. It was an epiphany. I knew my life was changed forever, and for the good.

    I noticed that while smoking, I would think deeply about things I had done in the past, and how ashamed I felt. And I don’t mean just the times I was drinking, although that was a big part of it. But I mean also just the person I was. I had to apologize to some people. Cannabis opened my eyes to the changes I needed to make to be the person I wanted to be.

    I also noticed that I took character more seriously. I always wanted to do the right thing, whereas before, I just didn’t think about it.

    I had a stroke in 2014. I had drank for 20 plus years, and smoked cigarettes. Sometimes a pack a day, sometimes a pack a week. Anyways, shortly after I was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer. I went through a rough period and I remember one Friday where I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die. I came home and packed a bowl and not five minutes later I was playing my reggae and dancing in my kitchen.

    Backing up to 2012 when I started smoking regularly, I wanted to find out why it was illegal. I sat down at my computer and began researching it. I had just begun a journey I wasn’t prepared for. For the next 3 to 4 years, nearly every day, I would research Cannabis and other drugs. Sometimes for 5 hours a day. I was obsessed. What I discovered completely changed my entire view of reality. I didn’t know realize how insanely illogical it was for cannabis to be illegal.

    I later went back to college at the age of 45 for chemical dependency treatment. Because of the prior research I had done, the classes were a breeze. I remember reading text and thinking, “I already know 90% of this stuff.” In class, I would notice how little everyone else knew compared to me. And I’m not arrogant. It was just an observation. I was just lucky that I had the time to do all that research. I never considered myself smarter than everyone else.

    I graduated with my associate degree and started a career in a detox facility.

    I only lasted 5 years. That job was entirely too stressful, and way too depressing.

    But even today I still research pharmacology and drug policy. Prohibition has been a complete failure, and I can’t understand why people want politicians to dictate to them what they can put into their bodies. I am full legalization of all substances. I wrote a paper in college on that topic and my professor was floored. He told me that I am far beyond my peers and that my paper was one of the best he had ever read in his 9 years of being there.

    Cannabis has changed my life in so many ways, as I have already stated. The impact it has had on my life is profound. When I can get together with my buddy Elton, we smoke, drink coffee, and talk philosophy. He has opened my eyes to things I had never dreamed of. When I would drink, thinking critically about anything NEVER happened.

    I owe this plant my life. The fact that it was illegal for nearly 100 years (of course it’s still federally illegal) is the biggest crime ever committed on the people the world over.
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  5. My apologies for not proofreading.
  6. I smoke weed to make me forget all my problems in todays America.
  7. Weed takes care of me

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