Life DOES exist on other planets

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    I'm callin it. There is just way too many galaxies for it to not be true.
    Just watch this
    [ame=]Hubble Extreme Deep Field Pushes Back Frontiers of Time and Space - YouTube[/ame]
    Skip to about 1:30. Probably nothing new to some of you in this video but it still helps you put it in perspective.
    There's no way there isn't other life. I would even say intelligent life. If they aren't already extinct that is.
  2. Claiming there is no other life in the universe is like scooping up some water, looking at the cup and claiming there are no whales in the ocean - Neil Tyson
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  3. .. finding that in [the Moon] there is a provision of light and heat; also in appearance, a soil proper for habitation fully as good as ours, if not perhaps better who can say that it is not extremely probable, nay beyond doubt, that there must be inhabitants on the Moon of some kind or other? - Sir William Herschel

    Letter to Astronomer Royal, Nevil Maskelyne (1780). Quoted in Patrick Moore, Patrick Moore on the Moon (2006), 144.
    Science quotes on: | Moon (70)

    Think about it.
    Our Moon revolves around us, and we revolve around the Sun(in it's goldilocks zone to be specific). If so, doesn't that mean that the moon is within the goldilocks zone too? And can possibly sustain some type of life?
  4. As I once heard in the movie Contact, if there isn't other life in the universe it's an awful waste of space.:D
  5. Could be very wrong but i believe the moon is too small to sustain any atmosphere, and w/o it, most life won't develop. As far as I know the moon is a hot/cold desert that's getting pounded by solar wind.

    Would be cool to have a mini-Earth orbiting us instead of a more-shiny-than-usual rock...
  6. You're "callin it"?


    Now credit goes to this asshole...
  7. ^lol

    Of course it does, hell their was probably life on mars a while back.
  8. Honestly it would be ridiculously egotistical of us to believe we are the only life form that exists. I mean... there's so fucking much out there, we can't even grasp the concept of where space leads to. I believe without a doubt intelligent lifeforms are out there, and they may find us first one day.
  9. Reminded me of this pic

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  10. you saw a pic of how big the universe is and realized theres probably aliens?

    cool, i figured it out when i was in 8th grade.
  11. Dude you must be a fucking genius. Cause your the only one that has thought of it before this thread. And I was definitely making this thread to reveal new info to everyone.

    Please, go inform the world of you incredible brain power.
  12. There's a habitat that encompasses all forms of life, and its called the universe.
  13. I believe there is aliens out there, but they could already be here. I'm uncertain to say the least, on the fate of mankind when they reveal themselves. It could be like Columbus and the native Americans but on a massive genocidal scale.
  14. Theres no way there ISNT life out there.

    The universe is too big for us to be the only intelligent life forms around.
  15. the only question now do we compare to other life? hopefully were not at the bottom of the universal ladder....
  16. What if i told you there was life on Mars, but if you look at it now, it is a wasteland. It is full of radiation. Thats why it looks a red color...what caused the radiation? There was possibly a war there that destroyed life on Mars and forced the remaining surviving species to relocate to a new planet, which is earth. They supposedly came here to do genetic experiments on humans to find a cure for their planet. The cure hasnt been found yet and tests are still going on near the 4 major Air Force bases that we have. obviously Area 51 base is one of them...but the most intriguing one is the base in New Mexico i is disguised as a regular building but really is a D.U.M.B....deep underground military base where they do genetic experimentation. Research the Grenada treaty. This was a real agreement made between whatever alien life form here right now and high ranking officials of the human race, or our race. The treaty states that we traded them (and still are) human test subjects and they are giving us technology. its crazy and i am not saying it is true but it is possible and so far the evidence i have found is pretty damn surprising. If you havent heard of D.U.M.B. bases you should research that as well. Also, i just remembered the name of the base in New is called the dulce base. Research it! you will find amazing claims. peace!

    heres a vid on the DUMB bases..
    [ame=]D.U.M.B.s Deep Underground Military Bases - YouTube[/ame]

  17. Never really thought of that ^^ That's pretty interesting :eek:
  18. Aliens don't come here because humans are still racist.

    How can we accept beings from outer space if we can't even accept different races of Earthlings?
  19. Of course there are no such things as aliens. We are the only planet to ever have life. It's how God wanted it to be, whether you like it or not.

    Also, the Earth is flat. That is all.

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