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    Hi all,
    I don't know exactly why i am posting here, but I feel like i am at a crossroads. I basically have a freeride at a good university for engineering. The problems are: I hate it here, and they don't have the degree I want. I have an excellent opportunity to transfer to CU Boulder, but it will cost me some money in student loans, I am not positive how much yet, probably around 5-10k a year.

    I have wanted to move west for awhile now, and i finally have a shot. It will cost me, but i could pay it back with an engineering degree. I think it would be worth it to go to Colorado, but what do you guys think? i feel the fucking mountains calling me.

    more info: I got caught with ganja here and I am so paranoid about getting into more trouble.

    tl;dr Stay at free college, or move somewhere better and pay for education
  2. Whatever makes you happy BUT make sure that happiness will last and isn't temporary
  3. Take the free ride man. There's plenty of people, like me, who would kill for such an opportunity.
  4. college all day, Colorado will be there when you graduate.

    I'm stuck in shitty Pennsylvania till I'm done with school, I feel your pain, except I'm paying out the ass for it
  5. My word of advice to you is to live life like a fly while being the change you wish to see. Ik its not much, but enough to help you turn your life around.
  6. @ireallydontwant thank you for that. I am really trying to do something that will make me happy in the future. Maybe i am thinking too far into the future, but this whole thing was brought about by me wanting to go into a career I will love.

    that is the same advice my grandfather gave me years ago. You sir are wise
  7. @zula and STilladelph
    I just don't know.... I am in shitty Pennsylvania as well, i truly am not happy here. It just comes down to whether 10-40k debt is worth a degree in a field I want to do. I am currently in computer engineering, and i know it is not right for me.

    I think I will wait to see if any scholarships are offered, and if so I will weigh my options again.
  8. If the mountains are calling you, stop ignoring the call. PICK IT UP AND GO. Fuck it!

  9. Thanks it's funny you say that because you are more experienced then me haha. I am trying to finish senior year and decide on what I want to do. Just don't be afraid to take chances but you gotta be rational as well. You need to have a stable fall back plan and a way to potentially succeed...

  10. "The mountains are calling, and I must go." John Muir
  11. The problem is debt vs perceived quality of life. I think If i can get my tuition to less than 10k a year I will go, my room and board and mealplan and about 17k tuition is covered already. I want to go, but it is crazy expensive. I am banking on a scholarship at this point, but that is not very likely. I don't want to be in debt for years because of a stupid decision.

    That was thee rational part of my brain talking.

    The impulsive side of me just says: fuck it, just go and do it.

    The question that I have to ask in this situation is whether life is a poker game or a chess match: If life is a poker game, I take the gamble,but if it is a chessmatch I use the logic and stay put.

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