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  1. Here's my art form. I'm good at writing. Not the type of writing that you're good at. Because you're an artist, I'm simply a failed scientist. I'm stuck in the artist's corner of my reality because of this whole problem that exists. I have a closed mind. I don't know what to do about it, so I did the simplest thing possible. I created simplicity in my life. I hope to be able to share with you the same ability.

    My simplicity presents my ability to write in a certain way. So ready? This simplicity is about to be transferred to you. Good luck, see what happens. No, you don't get my art form. My art form is like, ridiculously hard to master.

    He. He. hahaha get it? Write as if you don't know how to write well. Prepare yourself as a person that is not perfect at all the things that are attempted by this person. Now continue, of course. Chose the continuity that you want to create in your reality.

    Continuity? WHat!! I know, so sorry. Continuity is an easy word, but the idea that that simple word held is ready to be converted into an understanding within your brain. Music!

    Music is the gap that exists, or at least for me. If it exists for you too, good luck. Now try to find out if it exists for you. Play this game I made up -- Pretend that the music is going to talk to you. Then realize that only your ears make up what music is to you, and therefore it is completely possible.

    My writing is the art form that I talk about. I start with a little thing to tell you and instead tell you about what you end up reading. And if you always move forward in the process of reading what you read, then you will never get to the point of misunderstanding beyond what is allowed to be misunderstood within the confines of this process.

    I give to you this little piece of me. I send out to you my words, just like a song sends out words. I hope that you maybe read the words and have some kind of an appreciative respect for them. Because it feels to me that the love that art can generate in human existence is beyond impressive.

    So do what you do. I imagine you have become available for this type of thing. As in, I know that you know what you need to know to gracefully understand the simplicity that I wish to communicate to you. So if you're eyes pull you back, find out if there is a reason. If there tends to not be a reason, move in the forward direction.

    This is a tricky thing in the place that I wish to now bring up. What if you listened to music while you did this. Don't listen to the music though, just allow the decision duality to exist within the confines of your reality. Well, I suppose that's how music tends to be listened to. Continue with common sense... Play along.

    If you're listening to music and not listening to music yet -- Wait hold on -- I'm saying, that this is an example of a decision. Hold on and make that decision. If you aren't listening to music, present yourself with a valid reason to not listen to music.

    Good work, you appear to be doing only one of two. If you want to listen to music, you should continue to that point of existence. Move forward, I mean.

    Read this one more time. And make sure to spend the entire time remaining calm and clever.


    Beautiful! That's what I love to do. Take it as you will. Calm and clever. That was the intended conclusion. Just so that that is understood by everyone.

    Meta, huh?
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