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  1. I love our river, I love my boat, I'll look ahead and favor a path, but only when I see rapids will I use my oar.

    Proud of this. Thoughts?
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  3. Stream of consciousness ?
  4. Exactly, just realize that no rapids ever exist. Nor does the oar. Unless you have noticed that you have an oar. Then lucky you.

    Ta da! Timesplasher has saved the day.
  5. Watch the paddle would ya...
    Some of us abandoned the boats long ago.... been swimming round out here since....
    Couldn't tell if that's the way to go.....but it is a way to go.....
    Fuck following the current...except on days its headed my way....
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    I always liked the words from pink floyd song "wish you were here"

    "Were just to lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year, running over the same old ground but how we found.. the same old fears. Wish you were here"
  7. shit i forgot my swimsuit, jumpin in nakid
  8. Don't forget your boat shoes or you're gonna have a bad time

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