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Discussion in 'General' started by dartanianlives, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. I suppose since I post every imaginable question about herb on here, I might as well ask a personal question. I don't know everyone, and I don't know anyone's situations, but right now I am somewhat stuck between a rock and a hard place (so to speak).

    I am a current college freshman at what people would call a "prestigious" school (ala: top 50), but I have been considering packin' up. I haven't really made any friends; all of the stoners are frat guys; and basically all of the girls are rich, jews from New York (no offense to jews at all).

    I'm originally from the middle of the country, and this lifestyle really has been quite a buzz kill and depressing. Now I am unsure if I should stick it out and take loans up the ass so I have this school's name on my degree, or should I head back home to our state school (which isn't awful by any means ... top 100 school) where I know kids, cheaper, etc.

    If I head back I will not only be able to grow easier, I will be in an apartment with my boy (aka: dealer). The work will be easy as shit, and the last thing I will need to do is go to class. I fear that this could backfire in the long run, but right now shit sucks.

    Advice anyone?
  2. Im also a freshmen and decided to "pack it up" I headed home and I think its a good choice for me but you really just need to analize what will be best for you.
  3. school is school man, do not look at stats too much, you will get an education wherever you go. If you are depressed by your current situation, then change it, no sense in going on when you are not enjoying yourself. College is supposed to be fun. I am KIND of in you situation and next year i am switching to a different college with a few more people i am familiar with(school is better anyways i am going to) just do what feels right to you man
  4. If its a top 100 school I'd go for it. You'll still get a good college education and seeing as how your college years are a big part of your life I think you'd be best off moving back home.
  5. aslong as you arent going from some top of the line school to a community college, you should be just fine.

    top 50 to top 100 isnt a huge drop. from the very small amount of information you gave us, id say go for it. If you dont like it there, youll be less motivated, and will likely end up with worse marks because of it, or possibly youll just drop out later on.

    by transferring now, you could save yourself some wasted time where you were depressed and unhappy, and instead, build a foundation at a new school and make some great memories to go with it.

    unless of course, you totally slack off at this new school and just party with your friends while skipping class, then i suggest you stay where you are :p actually... that sounds pretty fun... im on the fence on this one.

    but the choice is up to you bud, good luck making the best decision for you.
  6. Stay in school bro! Granted it may not be the type of environment that you prefer but the last thing you need to do is seek advice from stoners about your educational matters. I'm not saying stoners aren't brilliant and don't occasionally know what they're talking about but the status you'll get from your school means something in this materialistic world that we live in, good or bad. You're better off posing this question to someone you trust rather than a community of people you have to sign on to meet. When you're older and working a kick ass job you'll thank your lucky stars you stuck it out. Again let me reiterate there are very successful people in the world that don't even go to high school, but sadly, these are the exceptions not the rule. I only wish I had had people in my life to encourage me to do the very same thing, my life would've been completely different. The power and prestige of an education from a good school shouldn't be minimized just because we've chosen a different road in life.

    "Education is a companion which no future can depress, no crime can destroy, no enemy can alienate it and no nepotism can enslave."

    ~Ropo Oguntimehin~

  7. Did you read his post? He's not planning on dropping out of school altogether, he's just thining abot transferring back to a college where he is from. Nothing wrong with that.
  8. Ummm yeah I did read his post and my statement stands. Taking a step down is a loss of prestige, in my book, it's a bit like giving up and dropping out altogether. Sorry if I didn't make that clear to everyone bro. Life decisions should be made with family members and close friends etc, not faceless stoners.

    Peace, love, and dope.
  9. So do you go to Georgetown or George Washington (I know that both are like where you are at, although a lot of the top colleges are becoming like that)

    I can definately understand where you are coming from and I feel that you should just go with your heart. It seems to me that you want to go home, and are just waiting for us to agree. But, smoking and growing and other forms of marijuana use may only be important for you now but in the future, you may find yourself wishing that you stayed at your school and did not go back home to party at a slightly worse one.

    College is a time to have fun and find yourself buts it is also a time to work your ass off and develop the connections that will help you live your life. if you truely think that you will be able to be as successful, do what you want in life, etc. going back home then go for it. but realize that you only have one shot at this decision.

    If I was in your position I would probably just stick it out and try to come home as often as possible. If youre at a top 50 school you pretty much have a ride to be successful throughout your life if you meet the right people/do the right things and that is an invaluable resource. and besides, think of all the bud you can have when youre the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

    Good luck to you in your decision making process, although you could always go to a different top school with more of a party reputation. Stay true to yourself and your heart. I would definately try to talk this over with parents/friends/respected adult or anyone that you trust and can give you honest advice.

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