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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by crasstastic, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. so today i finally got back in touch with my dank man and he had some nice 2hit quit stuff. me and my buddy got insanely ripped, came down, then each had a snapper and went in search of food. Well we decided on kfc drive-thru and we pull up and the line is out of the barrier thing, and the cars are directed toward us. well my buddy was dead set on being next in that line, as soon as the people moved up, and this lady pulls up on the other side in a van (we're in a truck), facing us: ITS A SHOWDOWN! and we WILL be the next in line. so my buddy who's the driver starts talking to her, through the windshield (not that she can hear him) and is making lots of head gestures; nodding up and down, etc, etc.

    I'm busting up cheesin out next to him as he's tearing this woman apart without her having a clue whats goin on. then he revvs his engine like a complete dirtbag ahahaha oh man it was great. that lady just gave us the evil stare and admitted defeat.

    It was childish, I know, but it was so much fun
  2. thats fucking awesome, ive done that a few times myself lol.
  3. When a stoner wants to eat they WILL eat!
  4. Hahahha, man that'd be funny as hell to see.
    that made my day.
  5. hahah hell yea!
  6. lol how was that life changing btw? ;)
  7. it was life changing because i've never been a situation like that before. it was just so damned funny. oh yeah and i forgot another detail (typical stoner). once we were able to pull through, my buddy had to back out and even up to make the turn without hoppin on to a curb and there was someone behind us, so he takes his sweet ass time backing up, and I joined in the fun yelling "respect it, ma'am! RESPECT IT!!!" over and over.

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