Life changing experience on DXM?

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  1. Ive done DXM over 100 times, but i haven't done it in over a year and when i did it i was usually in public.
    Im going to do it tomorrow night, but i want to know the best way to have a spiritual experience.

    Lately i just feel out of place, and i think having some sort of spiritual belief would help me out.

    I will be doing this at night in my room. What things should i do to help me have a spiritual experience? any certain types of music?

    Also, i know we cant ask/give dosage advice, but what plateau would be best?

  2. All you need to do is think. Think very deeply about yourself, your mind, your conciounce and everything that makes you who you are. Maybe you'll discover something about yourself you never knew, hell, maybe you'll change your ways for the better. Anaylize everything to do with the way you act, think, and feel.
  3. 3rd plateau would be best for something like this, 4th plateau would just make u sick prolly.

    ive done dxm about 15 times, never had a spiritual experience that changed my life but i always have good trips on dxm.

    listen to your favorite music, and your favorite songs, w/e thay may be (mostly rap, some trance for me)

    good luck with ur trip man, and dont get sick, thats kinda easy to do on dxm.

  4. Yeah, i hate getting sick on DXM, its so bizarre throwing up while tripping.

    Thanks for the info so far, anyone else have additional tips?
  5. Fuck yeah it is. I remember being on a fourth plateau and puking up either blood, or the red cough syrup, couldn't tell.
    I'd say third, and have a comfortable and calm atmosphere, and just start thinking. Music really helps, I dig Pink Floyd and the Doors when I'm trippin on DXM.
  6. What you want are psychedelics.
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    you're right, kinda. not in my opinion though. DXM is a very mild psychedelic, at that.

    Anyways, by my post i meant the op should gear towards a more suitable psychedelic if he wants a life changing experience.

    Im just improvising, helping the OP get what he wants. If the OP wants to use DXM fine, but he would be inclined to large doses which can be somewhat dangerous compared to petite doses of say acid, shrooms, DMT etc. Hell even salvia.
    0.2 of a half of a gram of salvia changed my friends life forever, now hes quitting hard drugs, and said he isn't close to god anymore. Try that with cough syrup.

    Just my two cents.

  8. My choice of cough medicine was because i dont have the money (or the connects) for acid/shrooms/DMT. I did do salvia a few times, but the salvia i got (purple sticky 20x) didnt work too well, and yes i smoked it right. None of my friends or me expirienced much from it, just a little 'stupid' feeling.
  9. ^^^ You probably got ripped off buying "purple sticky" salvia. That doesnt even make since, salvia is a fucking regular leaf and is never purple nor sticky.
  10. haha well i dont know if u can call this an out of body experience but i was triippin on dxm and i was like at the end of the third plateau and almost to the fourth wen i closed my eyes for no reason and began to see patterns and moving designs in my head and then i just felt this pulsating feeling almost as if i could here my brain vibrating and as this was going on i tottally stopped thinking about where i was, who i was with, and what i was doing, i was just sitting down with my eyes closed and it became very intense, i started to have this feeling like my mind was just falling back out of my body and into darkness and it got so intense that i forgot i was even a living being, so to speak... all i was thinking about was my mind in its own place and i was alone but then it got to intense and it felt like i was going to lose consciuosness or die... as if i was just going to stop existing and so when i got to that point it started to make me scared and then i just burst back into reality feeling as if i had been gone for an eternity but my best friend said i had my eyes closed for like 45 seconds... it literally felt like i had been in that state for a life time...... it really scared me but it made me realize myself in ways i cannot explain and it helped me to come to some conclusions about the people around me by just simplifying the situations i got into with them.

    i honestly dont know how i got into such a state but i sure hope u can expierience something that beautiful and spiritual(if u want to)
    good luck
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    Haha, i know that. But "Purple Sticky Salvia" is a big name-brand of salvia.

    What was your dosage?

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